Aladdin is a young man living on the streets of Agrabah. Aladdin is a mere commoner who loves the princess of Agrabah, Jasmine. In combat Aladdin is nimble and protective of his allies. Aladdin has appeared in all Kingdom Hearts games except for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. He is based on the character from the Aladdin movies.

Aladdin's Limit Command:

                       Speedster  - foe's drop HP orbs
                       Quick Play - foe's drop MP orbs
                       Trickster  - foe's drop Drive orbs


[edit] Journal Entries

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

[edit] First Entry

A young man living in the desert city of Agrabah. He fell in love with princess Jasmine, but he's afraid to tell her about his humble background. He found the legendary lamp and released Genie, who is now his partner. He first stole our hearts in "Aladdin" (1992).

[edit] Second Entry

A young man living in Agrabah. He helped Sora defeat Jafar and used his last wish to release Genie from the lamp. Aladdin asked Sora and friends to help save Jasmine, who has been abducted. He stole the scene in "Aladdin" (1992).

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

A young man who lives in Agrabah and dreams of meeting Princess Jasmine. Aladdin became Genie's master when he found the magic lamp. At first Aladdin wanted to become a prince and impress Jasmine, but in the end he gave Genie his freedom and decided to show Jasmine his true self.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

A young man from the desert city of Agrabah. Not long ago, Sora and his friends helped Aladdin defeat Jafar and free Genie from the lamp. Aladdin used to worry that someone known as a "street rat" couldn't really earn the love of a princess. But Jasmine taught that it's what's inside a person's hearts that really counts. Aladdin's friend Abu, the monkey, is never far from his side. Aladdin (1992)

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Re: coded

A young man who lives in the desert city of Agrabah and dreams of the day he can be with Princess Jasmine. But Aladdin proved to be an obstacle to Jafar's evil plans, and was banished to the desert. There, through a truly wild stroke of luck, he happened upon the Cave of Wonders, obtained the magic lamp, and became the Genie's new master.

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