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[edit] Main Characters

[edit] Sora

Sora characters mini.jpg

The hero of our tale. He is a fourteen year old boy. In his last adventure, Sora was chosen as the Keyblade Master and saved the world from the Heartless, but only at the cost of being separated from his closest friends. He now journeys to find those friends and return home with them. Although a little naive, Sora has and uncommon sense of justice.

[edit] Donald Duck

Donald duck mini.png

A wizard who serves the king of Disney Castle. He is journeying with Sora and Goofy to find the king. Donald is talkative, moody, and a bit short-tempered at times.

[edit] Goofy

Goofy characters mini.jpg

The clumsy but easygoing captain of the Disney Castle Royal Knights. Despite his position, Goofy dislikes weapons.

[edit] Riku

Riku characters mini.jpg

A fifteen-year-old boy who is best friends with Sora and Kairi. Mature for his age, Riku is calm, cool and collected. To save the world, he chose to remain in the realm of darkness.

[edit] Kairi

Kairi characters mini.jpg

A fourteen-year-old friend of Sora and Riku. She awaits their return to Destiny Islands.

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