Drive Form

Drive Forms are new to the Kingdom Hearts series, and they can be very useful. They are 5 Drive Forms in total: Valor, Wisdom, Master, Final, and Anti. You must obtain all of these forms throughout the game except for Anti, which is explained last.


[edit] Valor Form

Valor Form.png

This form is given by the Fairy Godmothers, and it's the first form you get.

[edit] Appearance

When used, Sora changes into a red-colored outfit, and he gains the use of a second keyblade. When in this form, Sora seems to runs faster and the special ability of this form is a jumping ability.

[edit] Attacking

This form specializes in physical attacks. Sora jumps higher, and when Valor levels up enough, Sora can jump higher when not in valor form. If you want to levels this form up, then you can do that by defeating enemies. This form gains 1 EXP (Experience Point) with each hit that a heartless takes from Sora. It's fairly easy to gain a lot of EXP for Valor, if your in an area with a lot of enemies.

[edit] Wisdom Form

Wisdom Form.png

The Wisdom Form is unlocked upon completing the Timeless River.

[edit] Appearance

When activated, Sora's clothes become engulfed in blue, but Sora remain with only 1 keyblade in hand. In Wisdom, Sora does not walk, run, crawl, or handstand. Instead, he glides on the ground with blue magic.

[edit] Attacking

This form specializes in Magical attacks. Instead of swinging the keyblade to attack, in Wisdom Form, he shoots magic rays from his keyblade like a gun. This form has a dashing ability, and when used, Sora dash in any direction you want him to. The higher the level the longer and farther he dashes. Also, gaining levels on Wisdom will allow Sora to dash when not in form. Wisdom Form levels up with each heartless Sora defeats. Like Valor, this is easily levels up when there is more heartless around.

[edit] Master Form

Master Form.png

Master Form is given to Sora by King Mickey when Sora finds Ansem's Computer.

[edit] Appearance

This form is used for both magical and physical attacks. If you use this form, Sora turns bright yellow, and gains another keyblade. He holds theses different than valor though. He holds one in his hand, and keeps one afloat with magic. While in Master Form, Sora can jump high, and gain the ability of the double jump, making it easier to reach places or avoid enemies.

[edit] Attacking

He attacks with magical and physical moves. He has two finishing combos in Master, 1 physical, 1 magical. His double jump is used by hitting the jump button twice. Leveling up this form is harder than the other two, because its gains 1 EXP with each Drive Recovery Sora obtains. Basically, easy leveling is only good with enemies that drop a lot of Drive Recoveries.

[edit] Final Form

Final Form.png

Final Form is obtained randomly in the game after you get the other 3 forms.

[edit] Appearance

This is the most powerful form Sora can get. He turns black and white, just like the colors of a nobody. Sora does not walk anymore, cause in this form Sora is able to fly. His keyblades fly behind him imitating his hands every movement. This is the hardest form to level up as it gains 1 EXP only when a nobody is destroyed by Sora.

[edit] Attacking

This form truly uses Sora best magics, making every single hit straight from magic. Even his finishing combos are all magic. He gains a Glide ability that allows him to fly faster, and when leveled up, normal Sora gains the ability to Glide.

[edit] Anti Form

Anti Form.jpg

This form doesn't really have much of an explanation. It is not obtainable, you cannot level it up, and you can't control when you use it. This form appears randomly when you change into a form. You have no control on when it happens, but it is said is depends on how many times you use your forms. Every time you use a form, it increases the chances of Anti Form appearing by 1%. This is also how Final Form is Obtained. When there's a high enough percent, Sora either gets Final or turns into Anti Form. Once either of these occurs the percentage drops back to zero. When in Anti-Form, he cannot gain HP.

[edit] Appearance

When this form is activated, Sora turns pitch black, and looks like a heartless. It seems to imitate when Sora turns into a heartless in the original Kingdom Hearts.

[edit] Attacking

When you are attacking in Anti Form, Sora uses long strings of combos where he attack multiple time in each button you press. Sora really goes wild when he attacks spinning around enemies, and moving at cheetah like quickness. You do lose all your Drive when this form is used.

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