End of the World Boss Battles


[edit] Chernabog

HP :: 1500 Exp :: 15,000
This battle closely resembles the battle with Ursula. Like Ursula, you can only attack his head, and like Ursula, you are floating in a 360°, spherical arena around him.

Be sure to cast Aeroga in this fight, as his attacks can be quite potent. When he is about to breath fire, he will lean backward. He breathes either right to left or left to right, but never back and forth both ways. When he does this, try and attack the back of his head or the side toward which he is not breathing the flames. When he leans forward, that means he is about to make the mountain (located beneath him) erupt. This attack cannot be blocked or dodged at close range so quickly fly away from him. When Chernabog's health meter turns green, he will start using a new attack in which he summons balls of energy that track and follow you. Aeroga will help diminish the damage that they inflict.

You may notice that Donald and Goofy do not have the sense to run away from Chernabog's eruption attack, so they will die a lot. Use Meg-Potions to help them make a speedy recovery. Follow the battle accordingly, and you will soon find yourself with the Superglide ability.

[edit] Ansem (All Stages)

[edit] Stage 1

HP :: 1500 Exp :: 10,000
Ansem has his Guardian Heartless behind him. Try to follow him where ever he tends to go and attack him. He is resistant to magic, so do not bother trying to cast it on him. When you hear Ansem laugh diaboloically, that means his Guardian willthrow dark energy disks at you. These can be deflected with the parry ability, sending them right back into Ansem. Ansem and Guardian will also fire a dark energy fissure across the ground that can only be dodged, so roll away to avoid it. If Ansem is attacked a lot, he will send his Guardian in front to receive attacks. It is possible to get behind the Guardian at this point, but it very difficult. When Ansem says says "Insolent little...", that means he is about to have his Guardian lunge at you. The actual lunge comes simultaneously as Ansem says, "SUBMIT!" If the Guardian strike you with his claw, then he will attach himself to you. Occasionally, you will see a new command on the menu box that says "Freeze". If you do not press it, the Guardian will drain health from Sora. If you do, then the Guardian will grab you and hold you still while Ansem tries to bump into you with sphere of energy around him. Ansem moves slowly, so you can dodge roll away from him and then Freeze without getting hit by him. You can also attack Ansem and, if you unleash a successful attack, he will call off the Guardian.

Donald and Goofy should be fine in this fight, and Donald will probably heal when you need it. Just follow this strategy and, you should win.

[edit] Stage 2 (DarkSide)

HP :: 900 Exp :: 8000
You have been here before, and you know the drill. Just continue to take out his arm, or maybe climb up to his head and deal some damage. He should be no problem at this point in the game for you.

[edit] Stage 3 (Ansem and Guardian)

HP :: 12000 Exp :: 20,000
Ansem tries to kill off Sora this time. Sora has no allies in here, and he is alone in this confrontation. Ansem's fighting style is not that much different than your previous fight with him. He has two new attacks that he likes to use, in addition to the others. The first new move is indicated when Ansem yells "Take this!" He and the guardian will try to ram you very quickly. This can be dodged, but they can quickly turn around and charge toward you again. The best thing to do is to parry the attack and stop them altogether.

Ansme has a second powerful move that is quite deadly. You will know he is about to use it when he says "My strength returns..." and the Guardian departs from him. Do not expect and aerial attack; the Guardian will strike from a hole in the ground, directly beneath. Circle around Ansem with the dodge roll to avoid this attack, which is repeated many time. Ansem will finish of once the Guardian returns to him by send energy waves in four directions. This is easy to dodge; just do not roll into it.

[edit] Stage 4 (World of Chaos)

HP :: 1500 Exp ::20,000
Ansem is now attached to large Heartless body, that looks like a giant Heartless spaceship. Cast Aeroga, as Ansem will swing is spear rapidly, able to inflict multiple hits. His most dangerous attack are his laser beams that appear and shoot from anywhere in space. They will always aim for you, so try to keeping moving to avoid being hit. If your HP is too low, fly away from him and cast Curaga, or use a potion, and then close in on him to finish off this stage.

[edit] Stage 5 (Room Core)

In this room, you must defeat all the Heartless. This room is pitch black and you can not see very much. It is best to lock on and destroy the enemies. Luckily, the enemies are just regular Shadow Heartless. Once they are all gone, destroy the Room Core in the middle of the room to get out. Collect HP balls as needed.

[edit] Stage 6 (Artillery)

HP :: 120
Float up to the World of Chaos, and destroy all the artillery that fires little beams at you. They look like weird tentacle growths on the main body. Collect the green HP orbs that they drop, if you need to.

[edit] Stage 7 (Room Core II)

HP :: 30 Now you can get Goofy ally back. Defeat all the Heartless in this room, which are the more difficult Shadowball Heartless. Collect the MP balls that they drop to cast Curage. Destroy the Room Core in the middle afterward to exit.

[edit] Stage 8 (Face)

HP :: 1200 Exp :: 3000

Now go back out to the face of the World of Chaos. The face just has a lot of HP but is not difficult to defeat at all. Cast Aeroga on Sora and start whacking at it with the Ragnarok or combos to take it out. Be careful when the Face moves angrily. This means that it will summon forth a violent wave of dark lightning bolts that are very lethal. If you need to heal, fly away and cast Curaga. Goofy will be there to help you.

[edit] Stage 10 (Room Core III)

This is just like the last two. Donald appears to help you fight the Invisible Heartless, which drop large HP balls. After they are all defeated, attack the last Room Core.

[edit] Stage 11 (Main Core)

HP :: 300

The forcefield guarding the center of the large Heartless complex is down. Fly in and attack the Main Core, which has a face that looks like a jack-o-lantern. There are more artillery things in the room. Destroy them if you must, and collect their HP balls. The Main Core itself cannot attack them.

[edit] Stage 12 (Ansem)

With the Main Core destroyed, the seal that kept Ansem protected is broken. It will be just like you last fight with him. Be careful of his spear attacks and avoid the lasers. Fly away when you need to heal and cast Aeroga. This should be an easy fight. Once you have beaten him, he is finished, and you have beaten the game!

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