Goofy is King Mickey’s royal knight who serves him in Disney Castle. He is an easy-going, easy to get along type of person. He (along with Donald) was sent to find the key bearer, and help him save multiple Disney Worlds. He finally does, in Traverse Town, and joins Sora (the key bearer) on his journey to search for "The King" and Sora's friends (Riku & Kairi).

Of the group of 3, Goofy ironically appears to be the one who will think before he leaps, and often figures out any problems the team encounter. There seems to be a problem with him though. He uses items for no reason even if you set it to "Only in Emergency". Sometimes the items will even show no effect.

Goofy has appeared in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. He uses a shield to attack, and because of this, he can not only damage an opponent, but he can block more attacks than Sora or Donald.

A full list of Goofy's weapons and their locations can be found by clicking on the link below:

Goofy's Weapons


[edit] Journal Entries

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

[edit] First Entry

Captain of the royal knights. He avoids fighting whenever possible. Mickey's most loyal subject. He set out in the gummi ship with Donald to find King Mickey. He has joined forces with Sora, obeying Mickey's command to follow the key bearer.

Goofy made his first screen appearance in "Mickey's Revue" (1932).

[edit] Second Entry

Captain of the royal knights. He avoids fighting whenever possible. Mickey's most loyal subject. Because Mickey said to follow the key bearer, he once left Sora to follow Riku. But friendship soon led him back to Sora.

Goofy made his first screen appearance in "Mickey's Revue" (1932).

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Captain of the Disney Castle Royal Knights. He set out with Donald after the king's disappearance.

He is cheerful and calm, and no one is more loyal to the king.

Goofy and Sora are especially good friends.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

Two Weeks Vacation (1952)

Captain of the Royal Knights.

Not long ago, Goofy left Disney Castle with Donald in search of King Mickey. Along the way, they joined Sora, obeying the King's command to "follow the Keybearer."

After helping save the worlds from darkness, Goofy continued his quest to find the King. But like Donald and Sora, he fell into a deep slumber before he could finish the quest. Wonder what Goofy was doing just before he fell asleep?

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Two Weeks Vacation (1952)

The captain of King Mickey's royal knights. He and Donald are with Yen Sid, where they anxiously wait the King's return.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded

The laid-back captain of King Mickey's royal knights. While a bit of a softy, Goofy lacks nothing for courage.

He and Donald met the real Sora after leaving Disney Castle to search for Mickey, who had gone missing. Together, they overcame countless dangers and forged a one-of-a-kind friendship.

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