Hydra as it appears in Kingdom Hearts.

The Hydra is a boss in the Olympus Coliseum world of Kingdom Hearts II.


[edit] Appearance

The Hydra looks like a giant purple dragon-like creature. Its most notable feature are its seven heads, and their very long necks. The Hydra also has a rather stubby torso, and crawls using its two claws. The Hydra has a small tail compared to the rest of its body.

[edit] In the Game

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

In Kingdom Hearst II, Hydra was sent by Hades to destroy the Olympus Coliseum, and to kill Hercules. You first face it in Kingdom Hearts II, after you return from the Underworld. It turns out the Underworld Tournament was just a distraction so Hades could release the Hydra and destroy Olympus Coliseum, and he was unfortunately successful. With the Olympus Coliseum destroyed, Hercules then began to feel extremely sorry for himself, making him easily fall victim to the plans of Hades.

[edit] Journal Entries

Hercules (1997)

A legendary monster with many heads, sent by Hades to fight Hercules. If you cut off one of its heads, two more grow back.

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