KH RE:CoM Glitches

Be careful. If you have a, specifically, 80GB PlaySation 3, it will not work. When you get to Traverse Town, you are given a tutorial on how to play the game. The screen will stop at a box in the top right hand corner saying:

"Left analog stick: Move Right analog stick: Look around R3 button: Face front"

The game stops loading the rest of it and you cant get past the rest of the game. I heard it is only on the 80GB PlayStation 3s that were made before Metal Gear Solid 4.

Another one is, when you have to press the triangle button, press it multiple times very fast and Sora will fall into a wide, sky looking backround{like in Mario 64), and after a few seconds will come back. This is bacause they used KH2's engine and trying to mesh it all with the prerendered maps generated using different cards. The system gets a bit confused at times with this and causes sora to go into noclip mode then after a few seconds the system corrects itself and returns to normal.

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