Neku Sakuraba

Neku Sakuraba
Neku Sakuraba as he appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D.
Name Neku Sakuraba
Age 15
Home World Shibuya
Games The World Ends with You, and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Neku Sakuraba is a character that appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. He originally appeared as the main character of The World Ends with You.


[edit] Appearance

Neku is a teenage boy that is very thin and tall. He has long spiky orange hair, and he has deep blue eyes. He wears a pair of purple headphones, and has a music player connected to them. He has a purple sleeveless shirt, of which the collar extends up above his mouth. This shirt is dark purple on the sides, and light purple on the front and back, and each shade is separated by a thin gold line. Neku's pants are a pair of white shorts, which are held up by a purple belt. His shorts have a large pocket on each side, both of which have a purple stripe across the top and golden buttons in each corner. His shoes have a design a lot like his shirt. They are dark purple on each side and the bottom, and light purple in the middle, each shade separated by a thin golden stripe, which extend up and circle around the top of the shoe. In addition to this, his shoes have two white straps instead of shoelaces that extend to each side of the shoe, and they are held together by two golden buttons on each of them. Neku also has a thick golden wristband on his left arm.

[edit] Personality

Neku is often very quiet around other people, and is very antisocial. He generally hates interacting with other humans, because he generally doesn't understand them. Although he has friends, he does not like to be around them, because he feels like they are unnecessary and are just a burden to him. Along with other people, Neku hates society, and he feels like all it does is try to control people and tell them what to do, which he completely disagrees with.

As the story of The World Ends with You progresses, however, Neku finds himself actually cooperating with new people he meets, and he actually begins to make friends with people, even though that is completely against his morals at the beginning of the story. People like Beat, Joshua, Shiki, and Rhyme end up softening up Neku and coming closer to breaking him out of his shell.

[edit] Story

Sora first meets with Neku in Traverse Town at that the start of Kingdom Hearts 3D. Neku first confronts him and asks him if he would help with with "The Game" and he shows Sora his palm. Sora tells Neku that he would help him, but Neku refuses, and says he just met Sora and he barely knew him. Neku runs off away from Sora, and Sora chases him anyways. Sora finally reaches him, and the two of them are attacked by Dream Eaters. When the Dream Eaters are defeated, Neku tells Sora about Dream Eaters and proceeds to teach him how to make one. Neku then splits up from Sora again, but Sora once again follows him, this time to the third district. Neku meets with a person in a black Organization XIII Jacket, and says the he brought Sora. When the man tries to attack Sora, however, Neku defends Sora and jumps in front of him. Later, Sora once again meets Neku in the Fifth District, where Sora forgives Neku for betraying him like he did. Rhyme then shows up, who lost her memory, and she is reunited with Neku. After defeating the Hockomonkey Dream Eater, all of The Game players are once again reuinited with each other.

[edit] Journal Entries

"The World Ends With You" (2008)

A boy who has been forced into the Reapers' Game. He wouldn't be caught dead without his headphones... and wants nothing more than to shut other people out. But Sora, and his other new friends, may have the power to change him.

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