Philoctetes, or Phil for short, is Hercules's trainer. He is first met in Olympus Coliseum world of Kingdom Hearts. When you first meet him he tells you you can't enter the tournament. Hades gives you a ticket to enter then Phil starts a series of hero training. After that's done in the tournament Ceberouse the guard dog of the underworld crashes through the wall while there battling in the tournament. After you win he says you might be true heroes after all. Then in Kingdom Hearts 2 they issue a series of tournaments after Phil has trained you in which the last tournament's last round ends in the arena falling over. That issues a series of tournaments made by Hades like the paradox battles.


[edit] Journal Entries

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

Phil the satyr is a veteran trainer of heroes and Herc's mentor. These days he's very busy running the Coliseum and choosing competitors suitable for the games.

He came out of retirement in "Hercules" (1997).

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Trainer of countless heroes, including Hercules. Nowadays Phil runs the Coliseum and manages the games.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

Hercules (1997)

Philoctetes Or "Phil" for short. Phil is a veteran trainer of heroes and Hercules' mentor. He also trained Sora and his friends during their first adventures with Hercules. These days Phil is busy running the Coliseum and screening contestants for the games.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Hercules (1997)

A renowned trainer of heroes who has whipped countless of hopefuls into shape. For a while, he had written off the whole hero business, but Hercules talked him out of retirement.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded

A world-renowned trainer who runs the show in Olympus Coliseum. He's trained a whole slew of heroes in his time ("a lot of yusses") with Hercules being his most recent protégé.After the bugs transformed the Coliseum into a strange labyrinth, Phil had to turn to Sora for help sorting the mess out.

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