Tournaments and Matches of Kingdom Hearts

[edit] Ice Titan

HP :: ??? Exp :: ??? The best way to start off this boss is wait till he shoots ice shards at you so you can then deflect them back at. After a few times of that he will bend down so you can attack him. Also, use Aeroga, because you might miss to deflect some of the ice shards. He will then use a freeze attack in which he spits out ice so that it freezes you and deals a great amount of damage. To avoid this go onto the stairs and run and fly for your life. Now after a few of this and that he will start throwing bigger ice shards! Don't worry they are easy to deflect but takes some timing for the ones the try to hit you across. After you beat him you get some exp and you can say, "Hey, I beat that freakin' Ice Titan! :D".

[edit] Sephiroth

HP :: 1800 Exp :: 18000 When you fight Sephiroth be sure to be at a very high lvl like 70+! When the battle begins, jump away from Sephiroth and cast Aeroga or Aerora. He starts off with three different attacks, he walks around and quickly swings his sword, when he has taken enough damage he will teleport behind you and swing his sword at you so when it happens jump quickly to avoid it, and the last attack is an emit of flames around himself and a large area! You might want to jump out of that or it will deal quite a lot of damage! Also use the auto-lock while fighting him! Now after his purple bar is down he will start using Sin Harvest which brings all your health and mp to exactly 1 and then he will teleport to you and slash at you. The best way to get away is to roll as fast as you can to him(don't fly it takes to long) and hit him so he doesn't succeed with the attack. When he is in the orange bar he will start to flurry you with attacks so use your combos to strike back at him. Now when he gets to yellow he will throw meteors at you. They are quite easy to dodge so it won't be a problem. He will also attack you with dark orbs. After you beat Sephiroth you will gain 18,000 exp and can final praise yourself for beating the hardest boss in the game!

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