Traverse Town Boss Battles


[edit] Leon (Squall)

HP :: 120 Exp :: 30

Leon Squall.png
Do not be fooled by Leon's HP being low that he is weak. This is a tough battle, considering that Leon is tough and fast as well. His attacks are devastating also. Lucky for you, you do not have to win this battle, so DO NOT use potions. Leon will only swing his Gunblade around or charge up an energy ball at Sora. His attacks are so powerful; he can probably take you down in two hits. Run up to him and attack him while he is charging up his energy ball, and then run as quickly as possible away from him. Just repeat this tactic and you might win. Defeating him is not necessary, but it will allow you to get more items later in the game.

[edit] Guard Armor

HP :: 700 Exp :: 110

Alright, this is it. The first real boss battle of the game. Lucky for you, you have a party, and Donald and Goofy are at your side. The Armor has several parts to his body. Each part has a certain HP. You have to take down his 2 hands, 2 legs, head and the body. You do not have to worry to much about healing, as Donald and Goofy have a few curative items that they will use automatically on you if your HP depletes to low. If they run out, you might want to use a potion on one of them, but they do revive on their own after a few moments. Try to take out his hands first. They are incredibly annoying and can deal some major damage as well. Also try to jump as much as possible when attacking to avoid his attacks. Then move on to the legs. This should not be to hard, but try to avoid him stomping on you. Then his head which is incredibly easy, and finally his torso. After each part of the body is destroyed, HP balls will drop. Collect them to regain your HP. Also, it should be well noted that attacking the torso will often stop the Guard Armor's attacks and cause the whole body to stagger.
Guard Armor.png

[edit] Guard Armor

HP :: 196 Exp :: 0
This is just a warm up battle for the real thing. Just walk up to it and dish out all you have and be prepared for the real thing.

[edit] Opposite Armor

Body HP :: 900 Body Exp :: 390
Arms HP :: 135
Legs HP :: 270
Alright here it is. He has the same attack pattern as before. The new addition to his attacks are a huge beam that deals lethal damage to the party. It can be avoided by rolling under it. Your main problem is the torso. It starts to spin wildly after a certain amount of damage. Since it has 3 HP bars, deal as much damage as possible to the torso, until you reach his green bar. Then go for the other parts of the body to regain some HP. After that try to stay healthy a little bit longer, and summon Simba to use his Proud Roar attack and finish off the armor for good.

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