Blue trinities

Obtained: after defeating guard armor on the first visit to traverse town Can be found in: Traverse town: first district near tables, first district near front gate, Third district behind the fountain walls, merlin's house near 100 acre wood book

Wonderland: lotus forest first alcove, lotus forest near the back of the forest

Olympus coliseum: under the feet of the statues on the right and the left of the gate to the coliseum lobby

Deep jungle: camp site near entrance to hippo's lagoon, Climbing trees in front of the entrance to the tree house

Agrabah: thled center of the plaza, Silent chamber on central platform

Monstro: chamber 5 on bottom level, mouth on a piece of drift wood(only visible after water recedes), Throat on ground level

Hallow bastion: in the dungeon, great crest on the central platform

Red trinities Obtained: after sealing the deep jungle

Can be found in: Traverse town: in front of the gate to the secret water way, in front on the wooden wall behind the item shop(not the item workshop), on top of gizmo shop

Agrabah: in the treasure room

Halloween town: oogie boogie's manor( if you don't get this one before you battle oogie boogie in the torture chamber then it will be gone forever)

Hallow bastion: the upper level in the entrance hall

Green trinities Obtained: after locking agrabah

Can be found in: Traverse town: in the accessory shop

Wonderland: rabbit hole next to save point, in bizzar room in fire place

Olympus coliseum: coliseum gate next to the posters on the left

Deep jungle: tree top in the very center of theroom( this one is hard to see)

Agrabah: storage room

Monstro: on top of the ship

Neverland: cabin

Hallow bastion: second level of the library

Yellow trinities Obtained: after beating the hurculese cup

Can be found in: Traverse town: behind mysticall house

Olympus coliseum: lobby

Agrabah: entrance to the cave of wonders

Neverland: ships hold in the upper level of the hallway

White trinities Obtained: after beating riku for the first time

Traverse town: secret waterway

Wonder land: inside secret alcove( give the flower a potion to grow bigger and then push the large boulder into the pond and use the lily pads to jump insid ethe alcove)

Olympus coliseum: middle of coliseum gates

Deep jungle: in front of keyhole

Monstro: chamber 6

Agrabah: entrance to the cave of wonders near the door

atlantica: Tritan's palace on the pathway

Halloween town: moonlight hill

Neverland: upper level of the ship's deck

Hallow bastion: rising falls on the platform where you meet beast

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