Wonderland Boss Battles

[edit] Cards, Crank Tower

Crank Tower HP :: Crank Tower Exp :: 100
Card Crank Tower.png

Heart Cards HP :: 60 Heart Cards Exp :: 0
Spade Cards HP :: 45 Spade Cards Exp :: 0
This battle is incredibly annoying. It is best that you have Donald and Goofy released by collecting as much evidence before the battle as possible so they are free during the battle. The main purpose is to defeat the Crank Tower. Note that you cannot kill the cards completely. They just stagger for a little amount of time and come back after you. If you attack the Queen, some of the Heart Cards will attend to her aid and stop attacking you for a little bit, giving you time to heal or attack the tower. Fire is the tower's weakness, so attack it with the Fire spell as much as possible. The cards have a tendency to gang up on a character and reduce all of his HP, you can use this to your advantage so that they attack Donald and Goofy, rather than you. Using the Fire spell is also a good way to knockout the cards. Attacking the wheels will restore MP, and breaking them will release HP and MP balls for you pick up. Once all the wheels are destroyed, the battle ends.

[edit] Trickmaster

HP :: 600 Exp :: 150

The last fight before you can exit wonderland. You can see that he has several parts to his head. After each part is destroyed, one will go away. Once all 5 parts of his head are gone, you will win the battle. You could use fire spells on him, as the are very lethal, but they set his juggling stick on fire which causes them to do almost twice as much damage. The Trickmaster can also ignite his juggling sticks at the stove. Blizzard spells are ideal for extinguishing his juggling sticks, but only do that when you have an easy, precise shot at them. Pummel him with physical attacks. In order to attack his heads, you need to get on the table and jump to attack him. You can also climb a chair to do so. If by any chance he makes both of them disappear, climb on the nearby bookshelf and repeat this tactic. Sometimes, the Trickmaster bends over as though it is tired. Take the chance to extinguish his juggling sticks or to attack his head. Dealing enough damage to the head will release HP balls so you can heal. Keeps using these tactics, and you should win.

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