Yoggy Ram

Yoggy Ram in Spirit Form.

Yoggy Ram is a Dream Eater introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

[edit] Spirit Dream Eater

In Spirit form Yoggy Ram is well, like a Ram. It has two horns that are like trumpets, each of which are blue color. Its body is a white color, and it has swirly pink markings around its body. It stands on four long legs, with one toe nail at the end of each leg. It has a beard-like fur down the front of it's body, that fur as well as the tail is a light green/blue color.

[edit] Nightmare Dream Eater

The nightmare form of Yoggy Ram has black fur for it's body. Also it loses the beard down the front of his body, and instead the fur goes down the sides of its face and is a light purple color. The fur above its nose is a purple color, as well as the tail. The horns are its head are now a darker red and orange, as well as the toe nails at the bottom of each leg.

[edit] Journal Entry

What do rams do? They ram you. Real talk: nobody rams like a ram does. Better wait for an opening!

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