Ansem The Wise's Bio

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[edit] Ansem The Wise's Bio

Ansem The Wise was a philophoser who studied hearts with his apprentices which were consumed by darkness. Later he met King Mickey who soothed his aching heart. He ordered his apprentices to stop there research but they didn't. Soon his apprentice Xehanort stole his name and did his deeds in Ansem The Wise's name. Then Xehanort made reports on his findings called The Ansem Reports and became known as Ansem The Seeker Of Darkness. Xehanort's nobody became Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII. Ansem The Wise was then trapped in a dark world of nothingness. Since his old name was disgraced he took up the name DiZ which stands for Darkness in Zero. His hatred at his apprentices and his desire for revenge kept him alive. After he escaped from the darkness he helped Riku give Sora back his true memories. Then in The World That Never Was he tried to contain Xemnas' imitation of Kingdom Hearts using the Kingdom Hearts Encoder, hoping that it would stop Organization XIII, Though it didn't. It did, however, give Riku back his original appearance. The Encoder exploded and killed Ansem the Wise.

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