99 Dalmation Puppies

0-03: Traverse Town - Open the chest behind behing Merlin's House. You must have the Glide ability.
04-06: Traverse Town - Activate the red trinity mark behind the item shop.
07-09: Traverse Town - Open a chest in the Synthesis Shop.
10-12: Traverse Town - Secret Waterway - Activate the red trinity that is near the stairs.
13-15: Wonderland - Queen's Castle - Release lock in inverted Bizarre room to reveal a hidden exit to an upper part of the castle(Go to the lotus Forrest and enter the tea party room, then you the door to the bizarre room). Open the treasure chest there.
16-18: Wonderland - Lotus Forest - Chest on one of the high platforms.
19-21: Wonderland - Tea Party Garden - Chest lying in upper section of the Tea Party Garden. Upper section can be reached by using the exit behind the clock at the normal Bizzare room. You must acquire Glide.
22-24: Olympus Coliseum - Coliseum Gates - Activate blue trinity mark to reveal a chest.
25-27: Deep Jungle - Hippo's Lagoon - Jump on the platforms, that are on the water, until you reach the northernmost area. Open the chest.
28-30: Deep Jungle - Vines 2 - Go to a red treasure chest by swinging accross vines until you see it.
31-33: Deep Jungle - Climbing Trees - Activate a blue trinity mark that is near the tree house.
34-36: Deep Jungle - Camp - Activate the blue trinity mark there to reveal a treasure chest.
37-39: Agrabah - Aladdin's House - Open the chest there.
40-42: Halloween Town - Bridge - Open a chest on one of the small brown ledges near the bridge.
43-45: Neverland - Clock Tower - Open green chest there.
46-48: Agrabah - Palace Gates - Get on top of one of the buildings to open a chest. You must acquire the High Jump ability to reach it.
49-51: Agrabah - Cave of Wonders - Entrance - Open blue chest on a pedastal. You must acquire the glide ability to reach it.
52-54: Agrabah - Cave of Wonders - Treasure Room - Put Aladdin in your party, and then use the "Call" special command to get the puppies from the chest inside the room.
55-57: Monstro - Chamber 3 - Open chest that is on a platform. You must acquire the Glide ability to reach it.
58-60: Wonderland - Queen's Castle - Use the alternate entrance to enter Bizzare Room at the upper sections of Lotus Forest.
You should be in the kitchen. There, turn the faucet to fill the pot with water. Exit through the pot to get to the upper section of the castle. Open the chest.
61-63: Hollow Bastion - Grand Hall - Open the green chest. Come back after you have saled the keyhole.
64-66: Halloween Town - Moonlight Hill (Go through the graveyard and you will examine the coffin to go to the other side, then examine the statue, and that will lead you to the hill, that looks like it has a big sundae swirl) - Go through the door that is beside the elevator room. The door that once would not open.
67-69: Halloween Town - Guillotine Square - Look underneath the stairs of the house that has a doorbell.
70-72: Halloween Town - Guillotine Square - Open the chest that is inside the large wooden jack-o'-lantern. Use the first-person view and look up to see it. You must acquire to glide ability to reach it.
73-75: Monstro - Mouth - Open a red chest inside the mouth. It is one of the large amount of chests that become available after the water-level drops.
76-78: Monstro - Chamber 3 - At the upper section of the chamber, place a barrel in front of the platform above. Jump on the barrel and onto the platform to open the chest.
79-81: Monstro - Chamber 5 » Open chest that is located on top of barrel in the chamber. You must acquire the Glide ability to reach it.
82-84: Neverland - Ship Hold - Fly around and you should see a chest on a platform. Open it.
85-87: Neverland - Ship Hold - Activate the yellow trinity mark that's on the door. Open the chest.
88-90: Neverland - Captain's Quarters - On top of the bed.
91-93: Hollow Bastion - Rising Falls - Drop off from from one of the platforms to find a chest. Open it.
94-96: Hollow Bastion - Castle Gates - Activate the elevator here and ride it to the orange platform. You should see a chest above you. Use any Gravity magic you have to bring it down.
97-99: Hollow Bastion - High Tower - You should see a chest on a small platform above you. Cast whatever Gravity magic you have on it so you can bring it down.

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