Agrabah Boss Battles


[edit] Pot Centipede

Pot Centipede.png
HP :: 600 Exp :: 250

This is more of a tactical battle. The centipede forms from the pot spiders that are in the area. You need to take them out as quickly as possible so that the really battle does not occur. If the Pot Centipede manages to full assemble, then it will use all of its strongest attacks, and the battle will become a lot more difficult. When you lock on, it automatically locks on to the head, so use L2 to switch it to the Pot Spiders. If they look like they are going to join with the centipede's body, target them first. When all the Pot Spiders are destroyed, the last parts are the head and the tail of the Pot Centipede. The head and the tail use the same HP meter, so attacking the tail is the best strategy, since it is a bit more defenseless. The head will try to defend its tail, so cast Aero, which will lower the damage, but try and stay away from the head as much as you can. If by chance the Pot Centipede forms a very long body, attack the middle of its body. Casting Thunder will also help to break it up. The Sonic Blade a ability works well for destroying the fully assembled body.

[edit] The Cave of Wonders Guardian

HP :: 380 Exp :: 400

You just can't have Agrabah without the Cave of Wonders. The main problem is the cave's eyes; they shoot slow energy attacks that can follow you. They are difficult to dodge. Attack the eyes is also the only way that you can deal damage to it. Have Donald and Goofy hold back the regular enemies while Sora climbs on the cave's head and attacks the eyes. When The Cave of Wonders Guardian buries its face on the sand, use this chance to climb up on its head. Once on the head, you can attack the eyes. However, when the head resurfaces, he launches a sand breath attack, so be careful. When you deplete half the creature's health, one eye will remain. When its health becomes low and you fall off the head, it will be more difficult to climb back on. If you need to, kill the regular enemies to restore HP or MP.

[edit] Jafar

HP :: 500 Exp :: 600

Your main concern in this battle is Jafar. You do not have to worry about Genie, as he calls out before each attack, and makes it a weak one. Even if it does hit you, he releases some HP balls to heal yourself. Jafar may strike with an blizzard attack in the center of the area, but it can easily be avoided if you are clear of the middle part of the battlefield. Jafar's main attack is a beam of fire. Use Dodge Roll in order to avoid it. He also tends to float through the chamber, just out of your reach. At this time, you should avoid using spells or jumping, as he shall, at some point, drift down for a more hands-in assault. When he does descend, that is the time to send a barrage of combos on him. Once he has been thoroughly inured, he will become a white light and float away from you. You cannot damage him in this state. Take the opportunity to heal or restore magic. Be sure to get onto the nearest platform to him as he floats by, for you can attack him when he resumes his human form. Once you win, you will receive the Blizzara spell.

[edit] Genie Jafar

Genie Jafar.png
HP :: N/A Exp :: 0

Jafar and Iago share the same HP. When you lock on, it will probably go to Jafar. Use the L2 button to switch to Iago, who has Jafar's lamp. Blizzara will injure Jafar, but very inefficiently. You must attack and deplete the lamp's (or Iago's) health meter. Jafar will defend Iago by through fiery boulders at you. These can easily be dodged, using Dodge Roll, but your party members will likely be hurt, and these boulders inflict great damage. When the health meter has about twenty percent of its original amount left, Iago might be exhausted and drop the lamp. Do not miss this chance. ATTACK THE LAMP! Iago will eventually pick it back up, and health balls will drop as a result of attacking it. You just might need them. If Iago is too high, stay in the center platform and wait for him. Winning this battle gives you the Fira spell and Ansem's Report 1.

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