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[edit] Heartless

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[edit] Air Pirate

A winged Heartless that mostly sticks to Never Land. It's not armed, but it doesn't need to be. The Air Pirate deals a brutal punch right after its fist slashes.

[edit] Air Soldier

A winged Heartless. It swoopes down onto its opponent's head, or slams into them when they their guard down. The Air Soldier is swift, Resilient, and not easy to ground.

[edit] Aquatank

A fish-like Heartless that lazily wanders the sea. The Aquatank attacks with Thunder or by whirling its sizable body about.

[edit] Bandit

A Heartless that mainly appears in Agrabah. The Bandit deftly wields the scimitar it carries, and should be approached cautiously.

[edit] Barrel Soldier

A gunpowder-packed barrel transformed by the darkness into a Heartless. The Barrel Spider sets upon anyone foolish enough to think it's an ordinary barrel.

[edit] Black Fungus

An aggressive, poisonous Heartless, not to be confused with the White Mushroom. The Black Fungus likes to paralyze its foes and toy with them. It's tough to beat, but victory doesn't go unrewarded...

[edit] Blue Rhapsody

A magic-wielding Heartless that drifts through the air. The Blue Rhapsody attacks with Blizzard once it's close enough, and absorbs Blizzard damage.

[edit] Bouncywild

A simian Heartless. It teases its enemies and throws banana peels from far away. Be careful not to slip!

[edit] Creeper Plant

A flower-like Heartless.

It's rooted in one place, but staying far away isn't enough, since it can spit seeds or attack from below with its sharp roots.

[edit] Crescendo

A hopping, horn-like Heartless. It's a bothersome foe that can honk and call other Heartless When Attacked.

[edit] Darkball

A heartless made from the very shadows of darkness. The Darkball mostly just bobs through the air, but its random weaving and biting are a nuisance.

[edit] Darkside

The Heartless that attacked Sora's home, Destiny Islands. Sora fought valiantly to protect the islands and his memories there.

[edit] Defender

A heartless that primarily resides in Hallow Bastion. Its shield stoops head-on physical and magical attacks, and can launch fireballs. The Defender is also a Skilled card user, and will break the cards of unprepared opponents.

[edit] Fat Bandit

A Heartless that mainly appears in Agrabah. The Fat Bandit repels frontal attacks with its jiggly belly and spits fireballs.

[edit] Gargoyle

A winged Heartless that mainly appears in Halloween Town. It pelts its stunned opponents with fireballs.

[edit] Green Requiem

A magic-wielding Heartless that drifts through the air. It doesn't attack, but it can cast Cure to heal other Heartless. The Green Requiem is slow, but its immunity to magic attacks makes it tough to squash.

[edit] Guard Armor

A Heartless that haunts Traverse Town. It appeared when the bells rang on the town.

[edit] Large Body

A rotund Heartless. The Large Body repels frontal attacks with its jiggly belly. Sometimes it throws its weight around and shakes the ground, so jumping is key.

[edit] Neoshadow

A nimble Heartless that swims through the shadows.

[edit] Parasite Cage

A Heartless that dwelled inside Monstro. The Parasite Cage is quite the gourmand and eats anything in its path. Pinocchio figured out how to escape Monstro after getting gobbled up by it.

[edit] Pirate

A heartless that mostly sticks to Never Land. A skilled swordsman, the Pirate can knock its enemies out cold and then finish them off with a vicious combo. If its sword flashes, watch out!

[edit] Powerwild

A simian Heartless that excels at jumping. It has destructive instincts and attacks with punches and sliding kicks.

[edit] Red Nocturne

A magic-wielding Heartless that drifts through the air. It's flighty and hard to hit. The Red Nocturne attack with Fire from a distance, and absorbs Fire damage.

[edit] Screwdriver

A Heartless that likes to team up with the Aquatank. It attacks with a spear or charges its enemies.

[edit] Sea Neon

A jellyfish-like Heartless. It might look laid back, but the Sea Neon's long tentacles can propel it towards enemies for a ferocious attack.

[edit] Search Ghost

A spooky Heartless. The Search Ghost can warp out of harm's way and absorb its enemies' HP, making it a tough opponent.

[edit] Shadow

A heartless that pops up in all kinds of places. The Shadow ambles around and attacks without warning. It is completely invulnerable while hiding within the darkness.

[edit] Soldier

A swift-moving Heartless that attacks its prey with a spin kick. Its whimsical nature makes the soldier a less than tenacious foe.

[edit] Tornado Step

A Heartless that flies about using its arms like propeller blades. Whether moving or attacking, it's always spin,spin,spinning- but never seems to get dizzy.

[edit] Trickmaster

The Heartless in Wonderland that stole the Queen of Hearts' memory. Victims of memory theft don't even remember what it is they forgot.

[edit] White Mushroom

A Heartless with an unusual affinity for people. The White Mushroom never attacks, and may even reward someone who comes to its aid.

[edit] Wight Knight

A heartless that calls Halloween Town its main haunt. The Wight Knight's long appendages make it dangerous to approach.

[edit] Wizard

A heartless proficient in magic. The Wizard is a formidable opponent that attacks with high-level Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder spells.

[edit] Wyvern

An enormous Heartless that hunts its enemies roaming the skies. The Wyvern is agile despite its size. Upon sighting its prey, it rushes forward and attacks with a flurry of kicks.

[edit] Yellow Opera

A magic-wielding Heartless that drifts through the air. The Yellow Opera hurls itself at enemies or attacks with Thunder. It absorbs all Thunder damage.

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