Blizzard Lord

The Blizzard Lord as it appears in Kingdom Hearts II.

The Blizzard Lord is Heartless that is only found in Kingdom Hearts II.


[edit] In the Game

In Kingdom Hearts II, when you are in Agrabah, you have to chase after Pete for a short while after he steals Jafar's magic lamp. Eventually after chasing him, you will catch him at the Palace Gates, where he will summon the Volcanic Lord and the Blizzard Lord. You can also find the Blizzard Lord, along with the Volcanic Lord at the Hades Paradox Cup.

[edit] Appearance

The Blizzard Lord is very similar in appearance to the Volcanic Lord. The Blizzard Lord is a very big Heartless withe a round head and glowing yellow eyes. There are ice crystals on the top of its head, and it has a sky blue cape. Its stomach has a see-through light blue shell, and the inside of it looks as if it is made up of ice. The Blizzard Lord wears a white belt with four orange gems, and the Heartless Emblem is in the middle of it. It also has what looks like very baggy gray pants, with one blue and one white zig-zag going across each leg. The Blizzard Lord also has very small feet.

The Blizzard Lord also carries a staff. This staff has a white crystal base, and a dark blue handle. The top of the staff has on large white crystal, and two swirls on each side of it.

[edit] Journal Entries

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

A Heartless called forth by greedy Pete in Agrabah. It appeared with Volcanic Lord.

It was weak against fire, but it tormented Sora and his friends with its use of ice.

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