Bonus Bosses of Kingdom Hearts

[edit] Kurt Zisa

Kurt Zisa.png

HP :: 1500 Exp :: 20,000

Battle Preparation: Before going into the battle with Kurt Zisa, there are things you have to do to prepare. Your party needs to consist of Sora, Donald, and Aladdin. You need to make sure you fill your and your party members' entire inventory with ethers, or even better, elixers. You probably will not all of these, but take the precaution. The next thing you need to do before going into battle is to select which keyblade you are going to use. If you have Ultima, use that, but if not, the best keyblade for this battle is Lionheart because it does +1 to MP and it enhances your summon and Magic power while still doing good physical damage. If you do not have that keyblade, then the next best is Oathkeeper. Do not use Oblivion because it lowers your MP by one. Customize your magic so that Aeroga, Curaga, and Thundaga are set. Make sure that you know Superglide too, because he can jump from one side of the arena to another. Make sure that Second Chance is equipped as well.

As soon as the battle starts, cast Aeroga upon yourself. Make no hesitation or delay, because Kurt Zisa's first attack will be to disable your and your party members' ability to cast magic, and thus, heal yourself. Aeroga will maintain some defense. In order to get your magical abilities back, you need to destroy the two orbs that Kurt is holding in his hands. In the meantime, he will lunge at you and attack. When he is standing still, attack the orbs. When he raises his arms, run away, because he is about to spin his blades and inflict damage.

Destroying the orbs stuns Kurt Zisa and causes him to drop HP balls. Collect them as needed, and then lock-on to his head and unleash as many combos as possible. When he rises again, he will create a forcefield around himself. It protects him from physical attacks. The only way to destroy it is to cast magic on it. This is where Thundaga comes in handy. Be sure to lock-on to the Kurt, and the HP meter for the forcefield will be displayed. Kurt will send fireballs at Sora and summon tornadoes around him that close in on him. Use Dodge Roll to avoid them and then Superglide to catch up with him, as he is always moving. If you need MP, you can strike the forcefield with the Keyblade, which will cause him to drop MP balls.

After the forcefield is brought down, he will fall down, stunned, again. Attack his head as much as you can. Next, he will cut you off from your magic again, so like at the start of the battle, cast Aeroga and then go for the orbs. He will switch between the orbs and the forcefield until you defeat him. He is tough, so make sure you have the necessary abilities and level-ups.

[edit] Phantom

HP :: 1200 Exp :: 9999

Battle Preparation: Before this battle with the Phantom, you might want to stock up with potions, ethers, or elixirs. Do not use Cure at all in this battle; just use your potions, because you need your MP for this boss. Having MP Rage and MP Haste equipped makes this battle much easier.

As soon as the battle begins, lock-on to one of the clock hands and cast Stop on it. The Phantom has a spell set so that when time runs out on the clock, the affected member of your party dies, and they cannot be healed or revived from it. Casting Stop on the clock will literally stop the timer on the spell. Now for actually facing the boss, he has an orb in his coat, and it will shine a certain color. Each color indicates one magic spell or a method of attack. Red = Fire, Blue = Bizzard, Yellow = Thunder, and White = Physical Attack. To inflict damage, use an attack that corresponds with the color you see.

If you see a number ticking over a party member's head, then it's time to cast Stop on the clock again. Do not forget to check the clock for when it might be ticking. Also, make sure you have Aeroga cast on you, because it will cut damage. The Phantom's attacks are not that flashy. HE will either lunge at you to strike with his claws, or he will send energy balls that follow you. These can be avoided by flying to the otehr side of the clock. Just dodge his attacks, stop the clock, and heal as needed, and you should have ease in this fight.

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