Cloud is a character that is featured in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. He is orignally from the Final Fantasy series as the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII.


[edit] Story

[edit] Background

Cloud originally lived in Radiant Garden, the former name of Hollow Bastion, along with Aerith, Leon, Yuffie and Cid. However, Radiant Garden was swallowed by darkness and its residents eventually decided to migrate into Traverse Town. Whether or not Cloud made it here is unknown, as he didn't appear in Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

In Kingdom Hearts, he is hired by Hades to compete in the arena and to defeat Hercules. However, to get to Hercules he also has to fight Sora, which puts a wrench in Hades' plans and causes him to summon Cerberus. Cloud is taken by surprise and almost defeated, but is rescued by Hercules while Sora faces Cerberus. Before leaving the Olympus Coliseum, Sora offers Cloud a friendly rematch in the future to which Cloud replies, "I think I'll pass."

Ironically, Sora is able to fight him again in one of the tournaments at the Olympus Coliseum. In Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Cloud finds and engages Sephiroth in battle. Before fighting, Cloud explains that he must defeat Sephiroth, who embodies his darkness.

During the credits, Cloud returns to Hallow Bastion where he is greeted by Aerith.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Cloud reprises his role in Sora's memory-based Coliseum where he is working for Hades in order to regain his lost memories. This time, he gives Sora the Cloud card as thanks for helping him.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

Cloud appears in his Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children attire in Hallow Bastion, where he explains that he is looking for Sephiroth in order to settle a score. Meanwhile, Tifa is also in Hallow Bastion, searching everywhere in order to find Cloud. After leaving the Space Paranoids world, Sora encounters Sephiroth, who quickly goes in search of Cloud. He catches him in the midst of the Battle of the 1000 Heartless. After taunting Cloud about being unable to resist darkness and accept the light, he teleports away.

After the third visit to Hollow Bastion, Sora finds Sephiroth in the Dark Depths. After Sora defeats him, Sephiroth asks Sora to find and bring Cloud so that they can battle. Raising his sword, he taunts Cloud again about the darkness. This sets off Cloud who makes the first lunge into battle. Tifa soon arrives, claiming she wants to help Cloud. Sephiroth states that she cannot do so because of his attachment to the darkness and challenges her to see what her light can do. Sephiroth takes this moment to strike at Cloud, who comes to in time and avoids the attack. Tifa gives Cloud her light, and he begins to glow. Both he and Sephiroth leap into the air and vanish, taking their fight to another location. Tifa gives Sora a key chain for helping and leaves to look for Cloud again.

[edit] Journal Entries

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

A fighter hired by Hades to compete in the Coliseum. Despite his association with Hades, his heart remains untouched by the Heartless. Cloud keeps very much to himself, which makes him something of an enigma. What is he seeking?

"Final Fantasy VII"

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

A swordsman hired by Hades to take out Hercules. Cloud seeks the true memories he has lost.

Were they memories of someone dear to him, or memories of his hazy past?

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

Final Fantasy VII

A "SOLDIER" who effortlessly wields a hefty sword. He once fought against Sora and his friends under contract with Hades.

Cloud hates letting other people see what he's thinking, so he can be an enigma to other people.

He searches for Sephiroth, hoping to settle things once and for all with his inner darkness.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded

A buster sword-wielding soldier whose past failures continue to weigh on him.

Believing himself weak, Cloud sought out the secrets of a hero's strength, as well as the secrets darkness might hold. Hades tried to use these desires against him, but once Cloud realized he was being manipulated, he wisely joined forces with Sora and Hercules.

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