Deep Jungle Boss Battles


[edit] Sabor I

HP :: 90 Exp :: 15
This is a one on one battle between Sora and the leopard, Sabor. Sabor does not attack much, but if he gets to close to Sora, use the dodge/roll ability and roll behind him and continue to attack him. This battle is a breeze, so just give him all you've got.

[edit] Sabor II

HP :: 90 Exp :: 15
This works the same as last time. The only difference is that you now have your party with you. If you have Tarzan, use him. He will be extremely helpful in this fight.

[edit] Sabor III

HP :: 90 Exp :: 15
Follow the same pattern as before. Nothing new here. You can re-battle him as many times as possible if you desire, by leaving the area and returning.

[edit] Sabor (Final Confrontation)

HP :: 180 Exp :: 150
Just beat this leopard to a pulp to finish him off. The same tactics as above are great. He just has a bit more HP, but you have your party with you, so its a no-brainer battle.

[edit] Clayton, Powerwilds

Clayton HP :: 250 Clayton Exp :: 250
PowerWild HP :: 30 PowerWild Exp :: 4
The major battle in here is Clayton. Lucky for you that he only has one attack. He seems to wander away from you and with his shotgun to shoot you. Run up to him and do a chain combo to quickly end the battle. Then the real match begins.

[edit] Clayton, Stealth Sneak

Clayton HP :: 250 Exp :: 240
Stealh Sneak HP :: 750 Exp :: 30
If you have not finished off Clayton in the last round, do it now so he will not be a nuisance this battle. The Stealth Snake can turn invisible making harder for you to hit him. He has some of the same attacks as Sabor. Note that fire spells work great in this battle. If you take too much HP from the chameleon, run off and heal. Once he becomes visible, pound at him with as many physical attacks as you possibly can. His attacks are difficult to avoid so do not even bother to dodge them. When Clayton is on the chameleon's back, use Lightning spells to deal some more damage to the hunter.

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