Destiny Islands Boss Battles

[edit] Darkside

HP :: 240 Exp :: 18
This is the first boss of the game. It all depends on what weapons you chose in the begining on his difficulty. Note that even if you lose this battle the game will continue, but do not make a habit to lose all the boss battles.

You can lock on by pressing the R1 button. This will keep the part that you're going to strike in view. Attach his hands when they are low enough. However, be careful. They fire balls of energy when they are low. These can be easily dodged by moving, by it makes attacking problematic. When Darkside punches his fist into the ground, a pool of darkness appears, and Shadow Heartless rise from it. Ignore them and use that opportunity to attack his wrist. When the Darkside retracts his hand, press R1 again to lock off his wrist, and then lock on to the Shadow Heartless and defeat them. Use the green HP balls that they drop to restore your health. DO NOT use potions in this battle. Darkside is easy to beat this way. If you can, strike his head. Each hit will grant you Tech points, which are EXP points that you can by doing special things in battle.

[edit] Darkside II

HP :: 300 Exp :: 60

Darkside Heartless.png
Nothing is different, except that Darkside has a new attack in which he creates a ball of energy that sends smaller balls of energy at you. You can dodge these without too much trouble. Getting behind the Darkside whilst he fires these energy balls will protect you. While behind him, you can fight any Shadows that approach you. This time you have a Keyblade to deal a bit more damage. Just follow the same pattern as above to take him down. Note that if you lose this time, the game ends. The only advantage he has over you now is more HP.

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