Disney Castle


Disney Castle is a world which is introduced in Kingdom Hearts and playable in Kingdom Hearts II. The castle is ruled by King Mickey. The castle is under the constant protection by the Cornerstone of Light which prevents Heartless and darkness from entering into the world.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

Though the world is not accessible in the first game, several important plot points occur there. Donald and Goofy discover that the King had left with a mission for both of them. They leave this world and begin their journey to find the Key Bearer. They find Sora, and their quest with him takes up the majority of the game.

The Disney Castle world is seen on the World Map, just to the left of Traverse Town, however, you are never allowed to visit it. An early trailer for Kingdom Hearts actually did show Sora running through this world.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

In Kingdom Hearts II, Pete is sent by Maleficent to steal the Cornerstone of Light. Very little actually happens in this world other than fighting from the hangar to the library and then protecting Queen Minnie as Sora makes his away to the Throne Room and the Cornerstone. Most of the conflict is settled when Sora, Donald, and Goofy go to the Timeless River, which is essentially the same world but far in the past. They end up saving the Cornerstone and therefore save Disney Castle. Unlike most other worlds, Sora does not have to revisit this world.

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