Extra Heartless


[edit] Neoshadows


These Heartless are found in Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, but their original debut was in Kingdom Hearts, when the secreting "Another Side, Another Story" played. These Heartless resemble their Shadow predecessors. Neoshadows differ not only in that they are larger and have greater reach, but they also work in teams when they fight.


[edit] Chimera

This Heartless resembles the experiment that was created by Dr. Finkelstein in the second Kingdom Hearts game, and is fittingly found in Halloween Town. Its health meter changes as you fight it, revealing that it is more than it would appear. When its health bar runs low, it summons Gargoyle Heartless to aid it.

Pink Agaricus.png

[edit] Pink Agaricus

This one of the Mushroom Heartless, found in the Deep Jungle. Like the others (with the exception of Black Fungus), it is harmless. Also, like the other Heartless, it gives you a great reward if you meet the proper conditions. It is also the largest of the Mushroom Heartless.

Now there are two possible rewards from this Heartless. The first is the Fulfilling Force, and the second is the Premium Cap. Landing 40 hits on this Heartless will win you the first reward. Successfully landing 100 hits on it will give you the second. The key to getting these rewards is to cast Aero on yourself first. The stronger the spell, the better. Secondly, cast Stop on the Pink Agaricus. Using Ragnarok and following up with a combo without losing too much time can make the 100 hits possible, because as soon as Stop runs out, the hits will be counted, and Pink Agaricus will vanish, but not without releasing all of your money and prizes, which are based on the number of hits. The benefit of Aero in this is that it will deal an additional two hits per second, if you are close enough to it, and Stop will only last for about twenty seconds.
Jet Balloon and Missile Driver.png

[edit] Jet Balloon & Missile Diver

These Heartless are derived from the Aquatank & Screwdriver Heartless, which are found in Atlantica. These new Heartless, however, are found in Neverland on the deck of Captain Hook's ship. They launch Missile Divers at Sora as he tries to attack. When they hit him, they can cause him to lose a lot of Munny. Jet Balloons will also try to flee the area, so if you want to defeat them, you must be quick. The best strategy is to strike from below with Aeroga cast on you, so that you will be properly protected.

Sniper Wild.png

[edit] Sniper Wild

Resembling the Bouncywild of the Deep Jungle, this Heartless can only be found in the Second District of Traverse Town. The experience points that you can gain from this Heartless rise progressively by 10 for each one that you beat in row. Defeating one will give 10 experience points. Defeating two will five 20. Defeating three will give 30, and so on. Defeating more in a row will also increase your chance of receiving a Power Drop. However, this progressive chain is broken once one of them spots you, which will cause it to summon other Sniperwilds all over the district. At this point, all of the Sniper Wilds will cease to drop any items or give any experience points. In order to avoid being spotted, cast Stop on it and attack attack it whilst it is frozen. When the spell is about to run out, hide out of view of it until you can attack again. When you defeat one, two will be summoned in its place. When you defeat those two, three will be summoned in their place. After defeating those three, it loops back to one Sniperwild. As long as you are not spotted, this loop should be infinite.

Black Ballade.png

[edit] Black Ballade

These Heartless are based on its original predecessors, Red Nocturne, Blue Rhapsody, Yellow Opera, and Green Requiem. This Heartless will split into five others just like it. You must find the original to defeat. Attacking the false copies will damage Sora with an electric shock. In order to find the real one, attack the one that jumps.

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