Fat Bandit

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Fat Bandit is found in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain Of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded.


[edit] Appearance

Fat Bandit's name does reflect on the appearance of the character, like it suggests, Fat Bandit is one of the bigger Heartless characters. Fat Bandit wears a orange pointed at the sleeve vest, golden bangles, a turban and distinct yellow shoes.

[edit] Strategy

Fat Bandit's are best to be attacked from a far distance with magic. However, Fire has no effect on them and are very easy to attack when they are charging up energy to attack.

[edit] Journal Entries

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

Heartless that mostly appear in Agrabah. They are well-balanced offensively and defensively. Besides strong physical attack, they use fire, and they block attacks against them. Their movement is their weakness.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

A Heartless that mainly appears in Agrabah. The Fat Bandit repels frontal attacks with its jiggly belly and spits fireballs.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

Immune to fire magic, it parries most attacks dealt from the front. Use the Rush attack from behind and defeat it with a combo attack. Parry its fire bombs for a chance to unleash Full Swing!

[edit] Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded

Tubby tough guys who show up in Agrabah. These Heartless balance offense and defense, flinging fire one moment and belly-bouncing back your attacks the next. While formidable opponents, they are anything but fast, and leave themselves wide open if you know where to strike.

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