Final Form

[edit] Description

Final Form is Similar to Master Form, Final Form wields two Keyblades, but also emphasizes maximum aerial maneuvers. As Sora glides along the ground with out touching the ground, plus the added aerial mobility of glide. Both Keyblades also float independently for maximum range and swing. Final form only gains experience from Nobodies. Final Form is the last unlockable form in Kingdom Hearts 2 and is also the hardest to unlock. Unlike the other forms, it is not gained at certain story points. It is gained by transforming into it when using one of the other 3 forms. Once you have changed into it once, it will be in the Drive list. Following these 5 steps should give you Final Form:-

1. Go to Twilight Town after it has reappeared.

2. Follow the steps to get to The World That Never Was, and reach Memory's Skyscraper.

3. There will be a cutscene, go to the Save Point, and go to Hollow Bastion, and when you are fighting heartless, change into any form.

4. If you don't get Final the first time, go to the nearest save point after the battle and exit to the World Map, then return to the same Save point. Your gauge will be filled full.

5. Repeat the above step until you get Final.

Alternatively, once you have Master Form, you can enter the Cerberus Cup and repeatedly use any form until you gain Final Form.

[edit] Appearance

Final Form is, again, based on Sora's clothing apart from its all silver. The Final Form allows you to have 2 Keyblades, but throughout the entire time you use Final Form, Sora does not touch the keyblades. Also he hovers a few feet off the ground. Leveling up Final Form gives Sora the Glide ability which allows him to fly for a set amount of time depending on the Level the ability is on.

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