Halloween Town

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Halloween Town is based off the animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas. It features the main characters: Jack Skellington, Sally, Dr. Finkelstein, the Mayor, and Oogie Boogie. It is playable in every game except for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts coded. It features two areas, Halloween Town itself and Christmas Town (only playable in Kingdom Hearts II).


[edit] Kingdom Hearts

Sora first arrives here in Kingdom Hearts. Upon arrival, Sora and his friends discover that their clothes had transformed into spooky Halloween costumes. They soon meet Jack Skellington and decide to help him find ingredients for Dr. Finkelstein's experiment. The goal was to create a heart to give to the Heartless. If they could successfully make a heart, then the Heartless might be able to be stopped. After collecting all the ingredients, Dr. Finkelstein creates a heart, but it is stolen by Lock, Shock, and Barrel before they can apply it to a Heartless. Sora pursues them to Oogie Boogie's mansion and manages to defeat them, but Oogie had already attained the heart. He swallows the heart whole, thinking that he would be able to use it to control the Heartless. He is defaeted by Sora and company in his Torture Chamber. When they exit, the darkness had fused with Oogie and then consumed the mansion. The giant Oogie-mansion complex is held together by a multitude of dark orbs which Sora shatters, thereby eliminating Oogie once and for all and revealing the Keyhole, which was sealed.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

The world returns in Sora's memories in Chain of Memories with generally the same plot; however, this time a potion is created that can supposedly awaken "true memories".

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

Roxas comes to Halloween Town several times on missions from Organization XIII, one of which is the "false" mission which pits him against Xion in a battle to the death (though neither is aware of their realy oppenent, each seeing an Orcus). Axel eventually stops the fight. Later, one of the Organization XIII devices appears here during the final battle.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

Sora returns to find that Jack still is enthusiastic about celebrating Christmas. Maleficent also returns and uses her power to resurrect Oogie Boogie. Sora and Jack go to Christmas Town to see Santa about Christmas. Oogie shows up later and holds Santa hostage. A battle ensues in Santa's toy workshop as Oogie's modified version of toy machine is used to challenge the heroes. Oogie is deafeated and splits at the seams yet again. The Santa suit that Sally made for Jack's Christmas journey shines and unlocks the Keyhole to the next world.

The second return to Halloween Town involves another experiment of Dr. Finkelstein. He created a robot that goes haywire and runs off. Sora and his friends corner it in Christmas Town with a trap and stop it.

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