Halloween Town Boss Battles

Lock Shock and Barrel.png

[edit] Lock, Shock and Barrel

Hp :: 150, 120, 180 Exp :: depends on who you take out first.
This shoud not even be a boss battle. Just kill the little creeps.

[edit] Oogie Boogie

HP :: 450 Exp :: 2500

This battle takes place on Oogie's giant roulette. The key to this battle is to avoid all the perils that appear on the roulette. Try to avoid all of the obstacles that he throws at you in this battle, and jump over the giant blades that appear from time to time. When the blades bounce up and down, they are harder to avoid. Also, some of the dice that oogie throw can release buzz saws that inflict damage. Unless Heartless are present, stay locked on to Oogie. Once he has had enough, you will see a glowing gems appearing in the same section of the roulette as Oogie. Step on it to make the bars go down and giving you access to Oogie. Now is the time to harm the bastard with all you have. The bars do not stay up for too long though so make sure you attack fast with chains of combos. Magic cannot hurt him so save it for healing or defense spells. You cannot harm Oogie while you are on the roulette, so once they go back up, continue this strategy to get back to him.

[edit] Ooogie's Manor

HP :: N/A Exp :: N/A
This is just a bonus battle before saying farewell to Halloween Town. The manor has 7 purple orbs attached to it. You have to find them all and destroy them in order to win the battle, but this is not easy, as there are plenty of Heartless enemies (Gargoyles) going after you while attempting to look and destroy all of them as well. There are also many perils like fire lanterns trying to harm you and push you off the manor. The first few orbs are easy to destroy, but the higher ones are more difficult. You can destroy the Lanterns and Gargoyles for more Experience Points, but you may take more damage.

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