Hollow Bastion Boss Battles


[edit] Riku

HP :: 500 Exp :: 2000
Here he is. Your best friend, challenging you. His HP may be small but you are lucky if you damage him at all. Riku is incredibly fast and will not stay in place for long. Try to roll behind him and counterattack his lunging strikes for an effective attack. He is resistant to magic, so it will not be effective to cast any magic on him. Aero might help with defense, but some well calculated maneuvers should suffice in avoiding his attacks, which are not incredibly difficult to dodge. If your HP is depleting fast, there are numerous vases around the room that contain HP balls to heal yourself. However, in the case of an emergency, cast Cure at a safe distance.

[edit] Maleficent

HP :: 900 Exp :: 6000

Maleficent is on a platform that raises her high enough so that you cannot reach her. The platform also has its own small HP bar that you need to take out in order for it to come down, although, you can also cast Gravity on the platform to bring it down and to make the battle faster. Once it is down, you can attack Maleficent head on. After launching a few combos, she will swing her staff at you to knock you off. She also summons a thunder cloud that send lightning at you. She summons some regular Defender Heartless to keep you busy, but just avoid them and continue your attack on her. If they do get in the way, take them out. She uses her Dark Meteor to send you back and cause some damage. You will know she is about unleash it when she shouts, "Meteors or Heaven, unleash thy fury!" You can avoid this by staying out of the central stretch in the room, and keep to the sides of the chamber. This fight is not too difficult, but it does take some time.

[edit] Dragon (Maleficent)

HP :: 1200 Exp :: 6000
This is among the hardest battles in the game. As Dragon, Maleficent is constantly moving around. Her steps send shockwaves through the ground that damage you if you happen to be standing over them. She also likes to use a flame attack that remains on the battle field for a long period of time. This attack can be devastating if you happen to be directly in front of her as she uses it, because the longer you are in the flames, the more damage they will do. So before you start this battle, summon Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is useful, because she constantly restores a small segment of health, which will make it easier for you to live. This DOES NOT make you invincible. Cast Cura as necessary, in order to avoid being killed be her. There are giant roots all around the circumference of the room. Walk onto them and try to get high up and out of the range of most of her attacks. From that height, summon Genie and use his Showtime attack to get easy damage on her from a safe distance. After he is gone, summon Dumbo. Dumbo will fly you around on his back. He attacks by spraying water from his nose. Fly to Maleficent's head, and spray her to inflict damage, and try not to miss her. You will not receive any damage while on Dumbo, so this is another way to inflict some easy damage. Summoning Simba and using Proud Roar attack can also inflict some more damage. Naturally, all of this summoning uses a lot of magic, so bring Ethers and Elixers to restore it. Also make sure that you have an MP Rage ability equipped, if you can, as this will restore some magic when you are damaged, and that magic can be used to heal yourself. You can attack Maleficent's head directly with your Keyblade, but time it so that she doesn't bite you or breathe fire as you are there.

[edit] Riku-Ansem

HP :: 900 Exp :: 9500

Riku is just as difficult as the Dragon was. To make things worse, Sora is alone in this battle. The Olympia Keyblade is highly suggested in this battle, but if you want a real challenge, use the Kingdom Key. Make sure you also have the Guard and Counterattack abilities equipped, or you will die quickly. If Riku starts running up to you, immediately guard his attack and counterattack it. Try to be as agile as Riku to take less damage as well. Cast Aero and Cura when needed. Riku can throw his Keyblade at you, and it is easy to dodge it, but you can also deflect it back at him and stun him for a bit. It is wiser to dodge it, though. Also when his HP meter depletes, he will illuminate in dark power and start jousting at high speed across the area, back and forth, in many directions. Jump and glide to avoid this. Make sure you stay in the air as much as possible until he calms down again. After he stops, he sends out a wave of dark energy, and you really have to let luck decide if you can avoid it or not, as its path is not predictable. After that, unleash the Ars Arcanum ability on him as much as possible hoping to take him out. Have MP Rage equipped, so that if so are damaged, you can at least recover some magic that can heal you. Do not bother with items. They tend to take too long. Heal whenever you have a chance, but as necessary.

[edit] Behemoth

HP :: 1350 Exp :: 16,000
Behemoth is an easy battle. Just hop on its back and continue to damage its horn in order to kill it. It may have a lot of HP, but its a slow attacker and can take a lot of damage fast. Watch out for its feet, and cast Aero for protection. When the Behemoth collapses, that is a good opportunity to attack its horn, but you will have to hit and run as bolts of energy will strike all around it as it rises again.

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