Iago as he appears in Kingdom Hearts II.

Iago is Jafar's parrot. He appears multiple times in the Kingdom Hearts series.


[edit] Appearance

Iago is a red bird that resembles a parrot. His whole torso is red, other than the back of his first for feathers on each wing, and his tail, which are all blue. He has a light orange beak, and yellow eyes that are surrounded by a white area. Iago also has two orange talons, each with three toes on them.

[edit] Personality

Iago is a very cowardly parrot, who is often scared very easily. He very loyal to Jafar, because of how much he fears him. He is scared that if he ever disobeyed Jafar, that he would receive a very big punishment. Iago is often seen venting his frustrations, as he gets angry very easily. At first glance, Iago seems like a bad guy, mostly because of his pairing with Jafar, but on the inside he really has a good heart.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

In Kingdom Hearts, Iago played a very minor role. During the game, he was Jafar's servant, and he usually stayed on Jafar's shoulder. He had no major role, other than being the one that stole the Genie's lamp from Aladdin.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

In Kingdom Hearts II, Iago is freed from Jafar's lamp. He tries to tell Sora and his group that he was a good guy now, but none of them believe him. This changes, however, when Iago saves them all from a group of Heartless. Iago also takes Jafar's lamp from Pete. However, after all of this, Jafar was released from the lamp, and he forced Iago to trick Sora and his group into going into the ruins by telling them that Jafar was there, so he could attack the palace. However, Iago regained his trust when Sora and his group went to battle Jafar, and Iago saves Aladdin from an attack.

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