Iceguin Ace

Iceguin Ace in Nightmare Form.

Iceguin Ace is a Dream Eater introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

[edit] Spirit Dream Eater

In spirit form Iceguin Ace is a penguin-like creature. The most noticeable part of its design is the large bead-like necklace around its neck. In spirit form these beads are a soft white. It has two colorful wings and two feet with short legs. Its stomach is made up of light colors like teal and yellow. It's fins on its side are purple with feathers made up of several colors. Its feet are yellow and pink. On its face it has one pointy beak and two yellow and black eyes. On the top of its head are what looks like goggles, they are green and pink in spirit form.

[edit] Nightmare Dream Eater

In nightmare form Iceguin Ace has a black stomach, and its feet are an aqua color. The beads on its neck are now a violet color and its wings are yellow with different colored feathers. Its beak is now a light blue and the goggles are orange and blue.

[edit] Journal Entry

These chill customers will slip in for the attack and slide out to hit opponents with a blast of cold. To them, fire is most dire.

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