The Keyblade is a powerful weapon wielded by only those who are considered "pure of heart". It can unlock or lock any lock. It can also collect hearts from Heartless. Organization XIII needs a Keyblade wielder so they can get the hearts the Keyblades release to add to Kingdom Hearts' power, which is why they accept Roxas into the group and later create Xion.

Every keyblade has a different keychain and design on it, with its own type of power. Sora, Roxas, and Xion's keyblades are generally referred to as the Keyblade of Light. King Mickey's is the Dark Keyblade, which is why they have similar designs but swapped colors (i.e. silver blade/gold hilt on Sora's, gold blade/silver hilt on Mickey's). Keyblades also are somewhat sentient, as they choose who wields them based on the strength of the wielder's heart.

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