King Mickey's Bio

[edit] King Mickey's Bio

King Mickey first appears in Kingdom Hearts 1 though he is not shown until the end when sealing Kingdom Hearts with Riku.He is the ruler of Disney Castle and his Queen/wife is Minnie Mouse or Queen Minnie.King Mickey is also known as Mickey Mouse.He soothes Ansem The Wises aching heart.He is the one who orderd Donald stay with the keyblade wielder.Later when in Kingdom Hearts 1 Sora hesitated to close Kingdom Hearts door he said dont worry Sora you will unlock the door to the light.He also aids in helping Sora regain his lost memories which he lost in Castle Oblivion which was run by the organization member Marluxia.In Kingdom Hearts 2 on special boss fights if you press I wont give up you will temporarly play as him.Though you cant beat bosses with him since he doesent have a finisher.His attacks do little or no damage.His main attack results in reviving Sora so the fight can continue.His weapon is Darkside the inverse kingdom key of Sora's.

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