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The Land of Dragons is a playable world in Kingdom Hearts II. This world is based in the Disney film Mulan.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

When Sora, Donald, and Goofy first arrive, They see a shadow that they perceive to be a Heartless. When they are about to attack, They find that it is only Mushu. Mushu and Sora had met in the orginal Kingdom Hearts as a Summon. Mushu convinces them to help Mulan (under the alias of "Ping") to get into the Imperial Army, in exchange for his previous services. When they arrive at the camp the captain, Li Shang, is skeptical. He charges Mulan and Sora with special duties, all of which involve defeating Heartless in a time limit (Moral gauge). But even completing all these does not leave the captain fully persuaded. The army eventually moves into the mountains and sets up camp. Sora and Mulan find Shan Yu, The leader of the enemy Hun Army. Mushu reports that Shan Yu is hiding in a nearby cave in the village. He eludes them and leaves them trapped to fight the Heartless. After fending them off, Sora and Mulan return to the camp to find it destroyed by the Huns.

They follow Shan Yu again to the mountain peak. He begins descending with a whole army of Heartless behind him. Ling, Chi Fu and Yao soon arrive with a rocket, aiming at Shan Yu. Mulan pushes them away and re-directs the rocket at the snowy peaks using Mushu as a lighter, which triggers an avalanche that demolishes the army along with Shan Yu. Sora and Mulan quickly escape, While Mulan pulls the captain out of the fray, saving his life. Mushu returns and accidentally calls "Ping" "Mulan" and "Girl". With this Li Shang learns that Mulan is a woman, not a man, and bans her from the army, rather then killing her for her betrayal to repay Mulan for saving him from the avalanche. The rest of the Imperial Army leaves the mountains without Mulan, Sora, Donald, and Goofy. After they leave, Shan Yu emerges from the collapsed snow, and continues his advance toward the Imperial City. Sora and Mulan discover this and rush to the city to warn them. They are too late. The Huns have already begun the siege and the Heartless attacks which were posing as soldiers. At the entrance the the Emperor's Palace, Sora and his friends fight and defeat Shan Yu, rescuing the emperor. Mulan becomes "China's Bravest Woman" and is given Shan Yu's sword which reveals the Keyhole.

On the second visit, the city appears fine. But a man in an Organization XIII cloak appears. Sora attempts to take chase but is delayed by Mulan. She explains that she was chasing him too, as there are rumors of a spy in black lurking in the mountains. Sora joins Mulan in the chase and goes to the peak of the mountain. A huge army of Heartless appears. Mulan, Donald and Goofy attack but Sora does not as he spots the Man in black. Sora confronts him but the Stranger points behind Sora, who looks behind him and notices the Army of Heartless approaching. Sora then goes into a Solo battle with the army of Heartless and the masked man. He wields the Soul Eater/Way To The Dawn (Riku's keyblade).

Sora wins the battle by taking away all of the man's health, destroying the Heartless for extra experience.

Once over, the masked man runs away. The party leaves the mountain only to find a giant Heartless headed for the Emperor's castle. When inside the masked man appears again but he turns out to be an Organization member named Xigbar. Xigbar orders the Nobodies to attack Sora and the party, before disappearing. Mulan then enters the throne room.

The emperor is there with Li Shang. He explains that a man in black appeared and defeated the captain. He then tells you about the heartless and Sora leaves to fight it.

When it dies, it's heart is released as the body crashes into Shang and Mulan. However, they are not harmed, and they head into the Throne room. Inside the Emperor asks Sora, Donald and Goofy what they would like as a reward. Sora says all they need is to know what the 'Masked One' said to the emperor. The Emperor reveals that the Masked One warned him about a dragon was turned into a heartless. The Emperor was going to rally his army, but the Masked One told him otherwise and said "Three wise guys will take care of it".

Sora wonders if this means Riku was there as well.

Mulan asks that Li Shang be given a vacation as her reward in defeating the dragon. However, the Emperor refuses and says that his duty is too important. But he then asks Mulan to be his second bodyguard.

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