Leon's/Squall's Bio

Squall Leonheart Is This Guy's True Name He's A Bit Emo And A Show Off But That Doesn't Make Him Hate-able

Weapons:A Weapon Called The Gunblade That Can Can Fire Shots Of Energy And Grow In Length His world was swarmed by heartless Just Like Cloud. Battle Stratigies: Do not do close up combat if possible Especially If His Gunblade Grew In Length.Try using magic Specifically Refectga And Thundaga He is easy to beat from far away but up close he's a big threat. Appears In The Kingdom Heart's Series In :Kingdom Hearts 1, Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 2. Battles Sora and friends at:Various tournaments And First Encounter At Traverse Town. First appears in:Kingdom Hearts 1 First met at: Traverse Town.

Circumstances:Knocked Sora out so the heartless would get off of Sora's trail.

Random Facts:He is a solider like Cloud.He has a scar on his face.

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