Luxord, from in Kingdom Hearts II.
Luxord is No. 10 of Organization XIII. Luxord is also known as the Gambler of Fate. He commands the Gambler Nobodies.

He intiially appears in Port Royal when he steals from the cursed Aztec gold and summons the Grim Reaper Heartless. You then battle and defeat him in The World That Never Was. He has powers like those of the Gambler Nobodies, but his is far greater. When fighting you, he uses game-based attacks that will turn you into a card or a die if you lose. If you win, you gain health, and Luxord is stunned. The battle with Luxord is entirely time-based. Each player has a time meter. They both gradually drop and drop faster as you are attacked. The first to run out of time loses. Even isolating Sora in the fight, Luxord could not defeat him.


[edit] Journal Entries

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

[edit] First Entry

Organization XIII's Number X. The Organization has hinted that not only do they know about the Keyblade, but they may know things about Sora himself. Are they playing mind games, or is there truth to their words?

[edit] Second Entry

Organization XIII's Number X, a master of rhetoric whose words left Sora and his companions quite perplexed. Luxord was using the cursed medallions to conduct experiments on behalf of the Organization.

[edit] Third Entry

Organization XIII's Number X, a gambler who can manipulate time. Having shaken Sora and his companions with wily words, Luxord entertained himself by drawing them into a game-like battle. In Port Royal, Luxord used Heartless and the cursed medallions to conduct experiments on the Organization's behalf and collect hearts.

[edit] Kingdom Heart: 358/2 Days

No. X LUXORD Life, to him, is just a game a gamble full of your cards right and you will win. Weaponry: Cards

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