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[edit] Sora

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The main character of the game, Sora is fourteen years of age and the Keyblade Master. He travels across the different worlds, with his new friends, Donald and Goofy, in search for his friends Kairi and Riku. In turn, Sora, Donald, and Goofy meet a bunch of new friends, and Sora seals all of the Keyholes within those worlds, in an attempt to stop the Heartless from gaining control. When Sora finally catches up with Riku, Riku takes the Keyblade from him. When he learns he has Kairi's heart, he stabs himself with Riku/Ansem's keyblade, releasing his, Kairi's and the 7 princesses hearts. he then turns into a heartless, and Kairi restores him to him self.

[edit] Kairi

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A sweet girl who came to Destiny Islands from some other world. It was her tales of her home that made Sora and Riku want to leave Destiny Islands and travel the world. When Kairi's home is attacked by the heartless, she loses her heart. Maleficent captures Kairi to use her to open the Door to Darkness, which can only be opened by the 7 princesses. It turns out Sora has Kairi's heart, and he has to unlock his own heart to give Kairi's heart back to her. Kairi then turns Sora back into a human.

[edit] Riku

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Sora's best friend, and quite the curious type. His curiousity drives him to join the dark side in an attempt to save Kairi. He and Sora often compete with one another, but things get much worse when the two become enemies. Ansem takes control of Riku's body, and fights Sora. He then helps Sora, Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey close Kingdom Hearts.

[edit] Donald Duck

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Donald is the firey and short-tempered magician who accomponies Sora in his travels, along with Goofy. He is not keen to being bossed around, and will not hesitate to argue with anyone.

[edit] Goofy

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Goofy, as well as Donald, was ordered by King Mickey to find the Keyblade Master and aid him in his quest to stop the Heartless. Goofy is a shield bearing knight, said to despise weapons. He is very clumsy and slow to react, but often able to handle himself in the midst of battle.

[edit] The Heartless

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Creatures created from the darkness in people's hearts, the Heartless hunt Sora in attempts to prevent him from sealing the Keyholes. There are many different types of Heartless.

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