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Maleficent is an evil sorceress from Kingdom Hearts who thought she could control Heartless. She is originally from Sleeping Beauty. She gave Riku the power of darkness. After Riku/Ansem sets the darkness in her heart, she transforms into her dragon form. In Kingdom Hearts II she has a sidekick, Pete, who does most of the dirty work. In The World That Never Was, she decides to help Sora's team, and eventually ends up sacrificing herself along with Pete so Sora and his friends can stop Xemnas from gaining the power of Kingdom Hearts.


[edit] Journal Entries

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

[edit] First Entry

A sorceress of awesome power. She controls the Heartless, and is said to have destroyed many worlds. No one knows what her true intentions are.

She first appeared to curse Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty" (1959).

[edit] Second Entry

A sorceress of awesome power. She leads the villains who seek to harness the power of the Heartless. She has also tricked Riku into joining her and is using him as part of her evil plans.

She first appeared to curse Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty" (1959).

[edit] Third Entry

A sorceress of awesome power. She tried to use the Heartless for her own evil ends, but the Heartless were actually using her. She turned into a huge dragon when cornered by Sora and his friends.

She first appeared to curse Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty" (1959).

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

[edit] First Entry

A witch who commands the darkness. Sora faced Maleficent and her Heartless once before.

She stole Belle's heart to perfect her dark powers, though Belle had seen through her plan.

[edit] Second Entry

A witch who commands the darkness.

Maleficent's charms won over Riku, and she empowered him with darkness.

In Castle Oblivion she stood before Riku again, this time as a token of the indelible darkness in his heart.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

[edit] Main Entry

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

A sorceress of frightening power. In the last adventure, she controlled the Heartless and led a group that was trying to harness the power of darkness. As part of her villainous plan, Maleficent tricked Riku into making the choice to dive into the realm of darkness.

In the end, Maleficent yielded to the power of darkness herself and was defeated by Sora and his friends. But by using her last bit of evil power, she was able to come back again some time later.

[edit] Timeless River Entry

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

A sorceress of frightening power who's behind the strange goings-on at Disney Castle.

Maleficent is determined to take over Disney Castle, and she's using the power of darkness in her evil scheme.

[edit] Halloween Town Entry

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

A sorceress of frightening power. She's using the Heartless as part of her scheme to bring all the worlds under her control.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel are just what Maleficent needs to make trouble for Sora and his friends while they're in Halloween Town.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

A terrifying evil fairy with a command of dark magic.

She attended the celebration of Aurora's birth, despite not being invited, and prophesied that 16 years later, Aurora would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die.

Maleficent's gleeful account of Terra's misdeeds has left Ven troubled.

From Master Xehanort she learned about the existence of other worlds, and that she could rule them all by gathering seven hearts of pure light.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded

A terrifying evil fairy who commands dark magic. On one of Sora's previous adventures, Maleficent led the hordes of darkness in an attempt to conquer all worlds.

It was her servant, Pete, who led her to this strange new world; while unaware of its true nature, she can see the potential it holds for steeping other worlds in darkness.

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