Using the power of nature and a scythe to fight, Marluxia is the main antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories. Leading Sora, Donald, and Goofy to Castle Oblivion he is the one who explains the use of cards and how their memories will be effected within the Castle.


[edit] Story

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

In the beginning of the game, Marluxia tells Sora that someone precious awaits him at the top without telling him who it is, but in order to reach the person he'll have to sacrifice his memories. While Sora makes his way through the castle he encounters multiple people in the Organization helping Marluxia with his plot, such as Larxene, Axel, and Vexen. Marluxia is planning to rebel against the Organization's superior (Xemnas) by trying to use Sora as his puppet, therefore having the power of the keyblade master to use against them. Using his fellow members to help manipulate Sora, he tells them to confront Sora before he does, and uses Vexen's Riku Replica to confuse Sora in thinking it is the real Riku and that he is still evil and wants to destroy him. While Sora continues to get closer to the top of Castle Oblivion he continues to lose his memories which is revealed to be the work of Naminé, Kairi's nobody who has the power over Sora and everyone around him's memories. Marluxia had captured Naminé so he could use her to replace Sora's memories to lure him to the top of the castle. When Sora is on the Twilight Town floor, Marluxia blackmails Vexen ordering him to kill Sora, and after Vexen had left orders Axel to defeat Vexen before he defeats Sora. Vexen also begins to tell Sora about Roxas, but was unable to tell much before Axel defeated him. On the top floor Axel betrays Marluxia and attempts to defeat him even willing to go through Naminé, only to be stopped by Sora. Sora then confronts Marluxia and defeats him only to have revealed that what he defeated was a Marluxia Replica and the actual Marluxia is through a door into a weird realm. Sora then fights and defeats the actual Marluxia.

[edit] Journal Entries

[edit] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

[edit] Sora's Story

Lord of Castle Oblivion and a member of the Organization. In a move to bring the group under his control, Marluxia used Naminé to overrun Sora's memory and tried to claim the power of the Keyblade.

[edit] Reverse/Rebirth

No. 11 in the Organization. Marluxia lured Sora to Castle Oblivion in hopes of using his power to seize the Organization. He ordered Naminé to alter Sora's memories, and fooled Vexen into challenging him. All was going according to plan, but Marluxia's scheme dissolved when Axel set Naminé free. Marluxia was ultimately destroyed by Sora.'

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

Formerly Organization XIII's Number XI. He has been eliminated. He plotted an Organization rebellion and tried to seize the power of the Keyblade, but Axel's betrayal led to his destruction.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

No. XI MARLUXIA In the arc of his scythe, flowers grow and all else perishes. His pretty face hides ugly motives. Weapon: Scythe

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