Master Form

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The Master Form is the 3rd of 4 unlockable forms within Kingdom Hearts II. King Mickey gives it too you when you meet up with him at Hollow Bastion.

[edit] Appearance

Sora with the two Keyblades. Note how one is not held but rather floats.

The Master Form's clothing is similar to the other forums except that it is yellow. This form, like Valor Form, carries two Keyblades. The Master Form combines the abilities of Valor and Wisdom, providing powerful two-Keyblade physical attacks with powerful magic. The Master Form is tricky in leveling up since it requires Drive Orbs as its experience points. Enemies that drop a lot of Drive Orbs should be targeted. Another alternative is to search for destructible items such as fireworks, carts, boxes and others. There is an ability that allow one to gain more orbs when drop, the Jackpot ability by equipping this it will raise the orbs drop rate higher than normal rate.

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