Meow Wow

A Meow Wow in Spirit Form.

A Meow Wow is a Dream Eater introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It is one of the first Dream Eaters that can be encountered in Traverse Town.

[edit] Appearance

Meow Wow can be encountered as either a Spirit Dream Eater or a Nightmare Dream Eater. In each of its forms, Meow Wow resembles a rather fat combination of a cat and a dog, with a horn on its head and a short and stubby tail on its backside. Its Spirit/Nightmare symbol is located right under it's face. The Meow Wow also has four stubby feet and two short ears.

[edit] Spirit Dream Eater

When the Meow Wow is a Spirit Dream Eater, it has a very bright color scheme that consists of mainly blue on its upper body and white on its underside. There are also three yellow spots on each of the sides of its torso, and there are pink areas on its horn, tail, legs, and Dream Eater Emblem.

[edit] Journal Entry

Cat or dog? Boy or girl? Friend or fiend? One thing's for sure: this Dream Eater is adorable. Warning: fire freaks it out.

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