Merged forms KH2

In this game, Sora can now merge with a character that is playing with him as an ally and becomes more effective in combat. The following sections will provide you with information about each merged form. Tetsuya Nomura has said there are more forms than have been revealed - and even better ones than the Master form. All of these forms can be leveled up to as high as seven, with special conditions for each. Equipping the Oathkeeper Keyblade in these forms will help decrease the rate at which the drive bar is reduced, so it is an ideal weapon to have.


[edit] Valor Form

Valor Form.png

This is the form in which he merges with Goofy. When merged with him, Sora's clothes are changed to a shade of red, he is able to fight with two keyblades, and he is more offensive with chains of combos and more attacks, but cannot use magic. Sora runs faster in this form and is able to jump higher. Leveling up this form allows Sora to jump higher in his normal form. Every hit that you land on an enemy grants you one point of experience for this form.

[edit] Wisdom form

Wisdom Form.png

Wisdom form is where Sora merges with Donald. In this form, Sora has on blue clothes, gets a very big boost in his magical abilities, his attack command is replaced by a move in which he shoots a magical spheres of energy from the end of his Keyblade, which is longer and in his left hand, and he slides across the floor on a stream of magic, instead of running. Leveling up this form allows Sora to use the Quick Run abilities while in the normal form. Every Heartless killed in this form grants one point of experience.

[edit] Master form

Master Form.png

This form combines the properties of the Valor and Wisdom forms. In this, Sora's clothes are yellow, he wields two keyblades, and is able to dodge while in the air. His Drive Bar will decrease more rapidly in this form, but it is worth it because he is even more powerful. This forms has a very powerful finishing move for its combos. Leveling up this form allows you to use the Aerial Dodge abilities in Sora's normal form. Every small drive orb that you collect gives one point of experience, and every large one give three points of experience.

[edit] Anti Form

Anti Form.png

Anti Form is the only form when Sora is without a Keyblade. It has an advantage with fast attacks, but has a disadvantage, which is, he lacks the ability to cast spells, shield, and even recover HP. It is randomly obtained when a certain amount of damage has been taken during another Drive Form, various other factors determine when this form will be activated as well. It has no special abilities and it is the only form that can not be purposely activated through the Command Menu. In this form, Sora becomes completely black with yellow eyes and moves like a Shadow Heartless. It uses both partners to activate and wastes all of the Drive Gauge.

[edit] Final Form

Final Form.png

The Final Form requires two party members with which to merge. You are able to obtain it after completing the scene at Memory's Skyscraper. You get it randomly when changing into either Valor Form, Wisdom Form, or Master Form. This form gives Sora silver clothes, and he is able to wield two keyblades that float around him as he floats. Leveling up this form allows you to use the Glide abilities in Sora's normal form. Every Nobody killed in this form gives you one point of experience for Final Form.

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