Monstro Boss Battles

[edit] Parasite Cage

HP :: 450 Exp :: 500

The first and only battle, in which Riku helps you. He goes right off to the cage and starts attacking it. Sadly, it does no damage. You need to aim for the cage's head in order to win this battle. Stand on the platform, lock on to its head and start blasting it with Fira spells until your MP meter depletes. The cage should drop down and Riku can deal some massive blows to it and hopefully kill it. If not just use an ether or collect some of the MP balls dropped by the cage and repeat until he is dead.
Parasite Cage.png

[edit] Parasite Cage II

HP :: 900 Exp :: 1000
Alright a rematch. This can be extremely difficult or incredibly easy. You could let Goody and Donald stand and attack it and get killed, while you go on a platform and start dishing out the Fira attacks again. Sadly this strategy will not work as well as last time did. The cage will use a poison breath attack that damages everyone who is hit and continues to do damage a few seconds afterward, so your best bet is to avoid this strategy unless you want a challenge. Since you now have the high Jump ability, you can jump high enough to harm the cage with your physical attacks. So run up to it, jump and unleash a series of combos. If the mouth in the creature's belly opens, attack it vigorously and try to attain any necessary HP and MP balls. As his arms start to swing, hop onto a platform and try some more Fira spells.When This is the fastest and easiest way to kill of this beast for good.

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