Necho Cat

Necho Cat in Spirit Form.

Necho Cat is a Dream Eater introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance


[edit] Spirit Dream Eater

In Spirit form Necho cat is a purple cat, with a tan face, and a aqua stomach. Its tail is purple at the bottom and orange at the top. It has six legs, each with a tan paw at the end. Its eyes are black and yellow. Its ears are pointed and at the top of the point are two yellow bells. Also Necho Cat has a light blue collar with a small yellow bell on it.

[edit] Nightmare Dream Eater

The nightmare form of Necho Cat has a purple body, a very light blue face, and a dark blue stomach. Its legs are also purple, and the tail the colors switched; orange at the bottom and purple at the top of the trail. Its eyes are black and red and the inside of its ears are green. On the top of the ears are now what looks like two snow balls. The collar is also now a golden collar, and the bell is a silver color.

[edit] Journal Entry

[edit] Reports Entry

This feline knows it's better than you. It doesn't walk: it "dances." It doesn't use magic: it "hits you with magical awesome." Close the distance and put this cat on the mat.

[edit] Recipe Entry

This feline knows it's better than you. It doesn't walk—it "dances." It doesn't use magic—it "hits you with magical awesome."

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