Neverland Boss Battles

[edit] Antisora

HP :: 750 Exp :: 2000
This Heartless has many of the same attack patterns as a regular Shadow Heartless enemy. It also has a triple HP bar. Continue to attack it until it reaches his yellow HP bar. Now it is time to get strategic, because Antisora decides to split into three forms. Only one of them is the real one, so make sure you attack them all to harm him a little as well. It is not that hard to find him either, because one strike will kill the phonie. That is pretty much the only strategy that Antisora likes to use during this battle.

[edit] Captain Hook

HP :: 900 Exp :: 3400
Captain Hook is skilled with the blade. There are many other enemies around Captain Hook, such as ship heartless and regular shadow enemies, but do not bother with them. They will just get replaced if you take them down. Try to keep this battle on the ground as much as possible, despite your ability to fly. Once you lock on to Captain Hook, do not wander away from him or lose sight of him. Captain Hook has multiple attack combos that are lethal. As you guessed this is not an easy battle, but as long as you stay on him and do not give him any chances of attacks then you will be fine and be able to survive his attacks. Also to make things a bit easier you should learn by now that Aero is your friend; use it. Do not hesitate either to use Cura. You will need it. If you shoot a Fira spell into Captain Hook, he will run around with his pants on fire. Now remember that he can actaully hurt you if he runs into you while on fire. Also, if you knock him off the ship, into the ocean, he will leap out, screaming, "You'll not get me other hand!" This moment is when Hook is the most vulnerable, so fly up to attack him. Fly away when he lands, and make sure you have a distance between you and him when you land, so that he cannot attack you while you are off guard. If you follow this strategy, everything should work out.

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