Olympus Coliseum Boss Battle

[edit] Cloud

HP :: 300 Exp :: 80

Cloud Olympus Coliseum.png
This is another tough battle. Just like Leon, the FFVII veteran does not need to be defeated for the game to continue. Since your party is tired from all the previous battles, just make sure that you avoid Clouds attacks. He mostly rushes at you at an incredible speed then he jumps in the air with his Braver attack. Run from him as his attack is lethal once he lands on the ground. He calls out before every attack he makes so use that to an advantage. Your best bet to hit him is from behind as it is almost impossible to avoid getting damaged from the front.

[edit] Cerberus

Cerberus Battle KH.png
HP :: 600 Exp :: 200

This is the most difficult boss battle up to this point. Cerberus has a lot of HP, and its almost impossible to hit him. Magic attacks will not phase him much either. His attacks differ, from making shadow attacks rise up from the ground, which can be avoided if you keep moving, and biting at you with all 3 heads. All attacks are lethal. You can jump on his back if you wish and attempt to hurt him but it will not work that well. If you see him standing on his hind legs, then get out of the way, and make sure you jump after he lands. A shock wave will occur, damaging the whole party if hit. When you try to hit him, make sure you only attempt to hit one of his outside heads. This will still be difficult, but if you go for the middle, you will receive 3x as much damage than you regularly would. If you cannot do it at this point, then just continue on with the game and come back later when you have leveled up a bit more. Be sure to have beaten Tarzans world or the battle will be difficult than it needs to be.

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