A Pricklemane in Spirit Form.

Pricklemane is a Dream Eater first introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

[edit] Spirit Dream Eater

He's a small round furry create. The fur around his body is a spike, as well as on his tail. Its tail and ears are made of three shades of blue with two white stripes in between. The feet with three toes are aqua in color and red toe nails

[edit] Nightmare Dream Eater

The nightmare version uses darker colors, such as the inside of the ears are purple and the fur is a dark purple and black. The three colors on its ears now are purple, violet, and yellow. Its tail is now green, purple, and yellow, while the spike on it's tail is almost a black color.

[edit] Journal Entry

These bouncy pincushions take "stick and move" to a whole new level. Look out when they turn red with rage!

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