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[edit] Pride Lands

The pride lands is a level that is featured in Kingdom Hearts II. While in this world the characters are transformed into various creatures to look like animals of the land. The pride land consists of three main areas, these three being the Oasis, the Savannah and Pride Rock.

This area is based off of the movie the Lion King and lets you have abilities you can only have when Sora is transformed into his animal state. Simba resides here but you will not see him until later on. The heartless you fight here are also different then those of the rest of the game. They look like animals too. When you land there is a cut scene and Sora, Donald, and Goofy work on getting used to walking in this new form. Soon afterwards they meet Nala, a lioness who is under the rule of King Scar ever since the heir to the throne, Simba, died. They all think Simba died with his father Mufasa. Scar then took over and then everything died in the Pride Lands.

When you meet Simba he tell you about how he doesn't want to go back to the Pride lands but Sora convinces him to fight Scar. Scar had been corrupted by darkness and so has strange powers when you fight him. After all that Simba is made king in front of all the animals and Sora, Donald and Goofy leave to go help other worlds.

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