Queen Minnie

Minnie Mouse
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Queen Minnie as she appears in the Kingdom Hearts series.
Name Minnie Mouse
Age Unknown
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Games Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Queen Minnie is an original Disney character, and has appeared in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II.

In the story, she is queen of Disney Castle, ruling the peaceful kingdom with King Mickey.


[edit] Story

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

She and Daisy Duck go over to the flowery courtyard, where they see Donald fussing with Goofy. He hands over the letter he found in Pluto's mouth from King Mickey. She has them follow the king's lead, worrying for all of them as well as Chip and Dale, who are the engineers for the Gummi Ship. She is the one who sent Jiminy as their royal chronicler. She is not really seen again until Kingdom Hearts II.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

When Sora visits Disney Castle, he finds that it is in danger because of Maleficent and Pete. He escorts Minnie to the king's throne, where a secret entrance lie for the castle construction site in the past.

During the end credits, she is seen reunited with King Mickey, holding hands and noses touching each other.

[edit] Journal Entries

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

Queen of Disney Castle, ruling in Mickey's absence. I, Jiminy Cricket, am accompanying Donald and Goofy as the royal chronicler at her request. Queen Minnie is more concerned than anyone about the king's disappearance.

Minnie made her screen debut in "Steamboat Willie" (1928).

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

Plane Crazy (1928)

Queen of Disney Castle. She is ruling in Mickey's absence. At her request, I'm tagging along with Donald and Goofy as the Royal Chronicler. Queen Minnie is quite concerned about the King, but she knows in her heart that he'll be all right.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Mickey's Surprise Party (1939)

Queen of Disney Castle, who reigns over the kingdom while King Mickey is away training. Right now, she is busy putting together the annual Disney Town Dream Festival, but Pete's hijinks aren't making the job any easier.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

[edit] Minnie

"Mickey's Surprise Party" (1939) The queen of Disney Castle. Maleficent and Pete nabbed her while King Mickey was away.

[edit] Princess Minnie

"Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers" (2004) Princess of this kingdom. After someone tried to do her harm, she demanded protection from the Musketeers and fell hopelessly in love with Mickey, one of the three who took the job.

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